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I got this new Toshiba A70 from my educational institution but it has been configured using domains. When logging on I actually need to specify the domain and then login. I REALLY don't want to muck up the current network settings so doing anything 'drastic' would be good to avoid, since I don't have a clue how to get them back to normal to get back on the school domain!

Hooking it up to my home wireless network I successfully got it working online without having to change anything. When using iTunes successfully display streaming audio from itself and from my main workstation. I am very confused with domains, but I would like to get the two computers to share files and to connect via the gateway to play LAN games. I have trouble enough trying to connect two computers together using workgroups with all the fiddling with ports and firewall settings!

My main workstation has been setup to use workgroups, and I don't have the slightest clue how to get the two computers to talk to each other! :eek:

Do I have to setup a HOME domain? I tried this already but it started saying stuff about domain controllers and such, of which I have absolutely NO IDEA!

I can't even get them to display each other’s shares, its weird that iTunes works FLAWLESSLY when I can't even share a single file between the two. Does anyone with more knowledge on this subject have any idea how it can be done?

Specs (both Windows XP Pro)
D-Link Router DI-524
Integrated onboard 802.11g NIC (laptop), SP1
Integrated 3Com wired NIC (Asus A7N8X Deluxe, workstation), SP2
Sygate Pro Firewall, no firewall on the laptop
Well, after reading a few of the other posts I began to suspect Sygate...

I added a custom rule to allow ALL traffic of all kinds originating from the MAC address of my router. I am now able to see both computer 'workgroups' in the Network Places area.

Simple file sharing is off, but I just can't seem to get the security settings on properly for them to actually be able to GET the shares.... :confused:

After more reading I suspect its the blank passwords reinforcement, where exactly is this setting?
j79zlr said:
XP Pro does not allow blank passwords to access network shares by default. You can modify the local security policy, or do it the right way and use user
level share access.
I've added a password to my workstation's automated login account and I'm now able to get all shares from the workstation. I still can't logon to the laptop to get the shares, the users on the laptop already have passwords, it's security must be tighter than my workstation...

Well, I've messed it up, now I can't login to either. :D

I want it be able to access shares without having to type no less than 5 passwords, thank you very much...I don't care how insecure it is..


After much buggering around, I got to where I was before, I can get the laptop to login to my workstation's shares by using the user account and password that my workstation uses. But I can't get the workstation to logon to the laptop in the same way...


Bit of an update:

I can access all shares and files that are on the Workstation but I still can't access shares on the Laptop, I can see the Laptop I just can't login to it. I get the login window as posted above and my user login won't work.

Anyone have ideas on what security settings could have been applied to the Laptop using a Domain setup so I can login to it from the workstation?

I uninstalled Sygate Pro for the moment for simplicity’s sake.
I can access the files on the workstation though...

If I change the workstation over to using a domain, can I make my own HOME domain and make the laptop a member of it and still leave it as a member of the EDU domain at school? If thats the case then the big question is: can I setup a domain controller with windows XP Pro? From what I've read probably not... :confused:


Resource - This resource had all the information I needed to figure out my problem. Basically it stated that it is not a good idea for me to switch a computer that is a member of a domain over to a workgroup, to share the files on it because joining the domain again could be difficult.
I guess third party software might work for sharing files, PC Anywhere or something like that.

Usually window’s network features work fine by themselves this is an odd circumstance.

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