Join our Project Dolphin team (Yes, its back :D)


I may actually be insane.
Yes, that's right, Project dolphin is indeed back, GeniusDex is carrying on from where Nirgle left off.
This definately has the feel of the old project, unlike that orca site which most of us tried and left.

I've made us an "NTFS + Spammers Paradise" team so that everyone can participate, for more info take a visit to these links

Link : Home Page -
Link : Team Info
Link : Join Team (Need to be logged in)

If you don't know what this project is about, it's basically in the aim of fun, you download a small application that sits in your system tray and counts the number of keys you hit, then sends the number to the site, and you can keep a log of how many keys you hit, some people may take it competatively, but it is just a bit of fun, so try not to take it seriously.


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Not again..... :rolleyes: For how long this time? I lost so many keystrokes last time.

Edit: I just remembered, I still have some on my work machine. Will they still work?


I may actually be insane.
Well I hope that GeniusDex will be here to stay, Nirgle gave up because he didn't have the time to manage the project, hopefully GD will be able to keep it going, as he's taken on the responsability knowing exactly what is to come etc..


I may actually be insane.
Same proggy, changed name, different color.
Few different hex values and so on to, so that the existing cheat tools don't work, although it wont take 5 minutes to re-make the tools.
but, cheating = teh ghei.


I may actually be insane.
Wewt, three members.

It's 3am here, so I'm going head off to bed (I said that at 1am, and 2am :p)
Hope to see some more people signed up tommorow ;)


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ahh, damn this means that I am going to stop using Tab completetion when I am working on my server, actually I dont think I will let it change me that much. Tab completetion == teh win :D

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