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Hello there! I am in a need of a job because my mom bought me a blazer for my first vehicle and it has had some problems and i dont like my mom paying for them even tho she said its fine untill i get a job. I also want a job since i am 16 now and will be driving soon so i need a job for party money lol and other things. I applied online for chuck-e-cheese but after i filled out the app it says on tuesdays they do interviews or w/e so i am gonna go down there tuesday but i was wondering if anybody knows of any places i could work at 16? I was thinking best buy or circuitcity but i was told you had to be atleast 18. Can anybody help me out? I even tried doing the stupid money things online where you do surveys lol.


local grocery store? When i was 16 i started working at a theater doing the popcorn and cleaning.. eventually made it to a projectionist like 7months later..


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You can't really work at many places when your 16 you'll have to stick with fast food/retail stores (walmart, some store at the mall)/movie theatres/etc.

Your options open up quite a bit once your out of high school though.


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Local grocery store isnt hiring and the other closed down but from what i heard there is gonna be a save-a-lot there now which is a low budget grocery store with non name brand food and stuff. Nothin has happen to it yet tho and its been about 5-6 months. I will not work at a fast food place because my best bud quite from getting underpaid and his gf just quite cause they were paying her $6.25 for manager and were hiring new people at $5.70 which was where she was at with manager before she asked to get a raise. They worked her like a dog for so lil.

I was thinking about a retail store but not sure which one. I can't be a cashier cause i am not good at doing that kind of stuff lol. I guess i will just keep an eye out and hope to get that job at chuck-e-cheese. I applied for the gameroom attendent since all the other jobs envolved working with kids or something stupid lol.


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My 16 year old son had a hell of a time getting a job here in PA because the child labor laws are pretty strict and, like you stated, fast food joints pretty much suck to work for. He ended up at a grocery store doing carts/bag boy. They pay ok and don't work him to death, so it's not that bad (though he'd say it's killing him ;) ).

You might try for a cart/stock job at one of the big retail chains...WalMart/Target and such. Some of the bigger restaurant chains aren't as bad to work for as the choke and pukes. Maybe washing dishes/bussing tables at one of them? My first job was at Ponderosa Steakhouse as a dishwasher oh-so-many years ago! Good luck finding a job tittle.


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My first job was at McDonalds a couple years ago. After that experience I promised myself I would never work in fast food again :p Hey, I had to start somewhere...:)


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Yeah i am gonna look at retail stores now that you all are talking about them lol. My bud tim started working at sears last month and he makes 8.25 starting out. He just stands there in the hardware department and waits for people to ask where tools are and stuff. He only got it cause someone who worked there forever gave a word in for him. i take it i have to be 18 to work at circuit city or best buy?


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TittleBitties said:
Yeah i am gonna look at retail stores now that you all are talking about them lol. My bud tim started working at sears last month and he makes 8.25 starting out. He just stands there in the hardware department and waits for people to ask where tools are and stuff. He only got it cause someone who worked there forever gave a word in for him. i take it i have to be 18 to work at circuit city or best buy?
You will have to be 18 to work at those places if your wages are based on commission. At least that's what goes on here.

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A lot of job opportunities aren't quite there for 16 year olds... The other thing, at 16, don't expect people will be willing to start you off above minimum wage, especially given the obvious, no work history/prior experience at a job... After you've worked at a place for awhile and have "proven yourself", there's a chance for raises, depending on the place.

You might try an employment agency, and see if one of those places can help you find a job, especially if jobs available for 16 year olds around your area are scarce... They might know of a few...


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All of the above work but there is a lot of competition. My suggestion:

Mowing, yard work, etc. I can't find any teenagers around here who are willing to break a sweat or get a little dirt on their hands. I've needed an extra set of hands to help with big jobs and have ended up doing them myself or hiring a contractor at $200 an hour.

Maybe hand out some posters around the neighborhood and near by ones.
my first job was McDonald's at 16. worked there for a year and started working for Cracker Barrel (coutry restuarant) washing dishes and bussing tables. Not only was Cracker Barrel a much better place to work it paid almost twice what McDonald's did. Although restuarant work sucks most of the jobs available will most likely be of that nature. A place that is slower cook and a sit down place is much better than a fast food chain.
find places where they allow 16 year olds to be waiters like italian pie, bennigans and pizza places. u can make some good cash there, ppl make $100 on a good night


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My first advice == trade in the Blazer for something more reliable :cool:

Other than that there are plenty of places around where you can get hired on and work, namely fast-food joints but also a lot of other services based places.

Try not to get into a slave-labor type of deal. It does you no good. Whatever you are good at, try getting into something related to it.

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Some people have mentioned a resturant or pizza delivery. If it's something you can do, there is the advantage that in addition to base salary you get to keep tips. Perhaps something to think about, if at all something you're interested in...


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I dont mind going outside work but we have had like 2-3 weeks of 80-95 degree weather and just standing outside makes me sweat lol. We have had ozone action days like everyday. I know someone i could work with that does cement work and stuff and pays really good money but he never pays you on time. You could go a month or more without getting paid because he will spend it all at a casino or pay people back. Some of you might know i started that computer repair thingy and put flyers out but that didnt take off since alot of people prob dont want to give there computer to someone unless its an offical biz.

As for pizza delivery i wont be able to do that untill i can drive and i was looking for a job before that so that is out of the question for now. I will have a go at chuck-e-cheese on tuesday and if i dont get that then i might go to the mall since its right next door to chuck-e-cheese and look for apps for some stores i might like. Like Electronics Boutique or something.

If anybody has anymore ideas post them cause i will be glady to read them and see if i wanna try it out.

Thanks for the help you have all done already :).


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Well I talked to a friend about chuck-e-cheese and he said he will go with me so he can try a job there too. He is gonna try for cashier and I am gonna try for gameroom attendent. Hopefully we both get a job because I need a ride there untill the end of july and if we do get the job I really hope we get the same hours. I am gonna say something to the person about that and see if that will work out.

I'll post tomorrow to tell you what happend :). Thanks all


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Well I pretty can have the job...on one condtion :(. I have to cut my hair! She said it can be just a lil bit but if i do then i gotta put my hair behind my ears (reasons i dont know). It looks like i have a mullet when I put my hair behind my ears and if i want a short hari cut i look even worse lol. So i was like nah...its not really worth it. I mean 5.15 an hour to cut my hair isnt worth it when i can easily find a different job. The reason they wanted me to cut my hair was because its a family place and they want me to look professional :\. If i was 18 i could have a job at a factory since my best best bud's uncle and step dad work there and said they could get me in if i was 18 :(. O to look somemore.
Golf Course Maintenance. Easy to get into, fun to do and can make a good career. And usually you don't have to cut your hair...just grass... ;)


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i can get you a job at Pizza Hut if you want to communte to CT. I loved that job, so much goofing off. I remember heating up vegetable oil to deep fry temperates, taking the oil outside, then throwin ice in it :). the list goes on. but good luck in the job search

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