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I have a job interview on monday morning for my first REAL place since i got my associates. The other places were kind of laid back, and dress was kind of laid back as well. I don't want to go into this place and look "unprofessional" or anything so i was wondering on what I should wear. Most of my clothes are kahki pants and polo kind of shirts, think that would be ok for an interview?


its in the heart of the downtown atlanta(the new business district).

Here is what I applied to:
Technical Support - Training

We’re looking for a high-energy, motivated, self-starter who can take charge of customer support and training. Work in a small, high energy software company in Midtown Atlanta with a relaxed work environment, great benefits and the opportunity to learn a great deal about technology.

Job duties included:

•Provide online level 1 & 2 support to clients with some call back service
•Troubleshoot and resolve level 1 & 2 issues
•Maintain all online training material
•Conduct classes (occasionally)
•Maintain training material
•Help maintain test lab environment
•Test bug fixes
•Maintain client domain records

We require a motivated self starter who can multi-task with great communications skills and organizational skills.


•Excellent communication skills
•Strong technical skills
•Ability to work in a fast-paced, multi-tasking, deadline-driven environment
•Strong organizational skills
•Understanding of the Internet and Internet technologies
•Customer service experience (preferred)


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Wear a suit or at least a shirt and tie, that way even if they do "business-casual" as their norm, you'll look like you're ready to take on a "professional" position.


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id get a nice pair of dress pants (black suit pants), nice shoes (black leather, simple), and a dress shirt w/ a freakin sweet tie
i've always been told to dress 1-2 notches higher than what the everyday dress would be.

Worked well for me I got the job I wanted and only had to go to 1 interview. I was called the next day and told I had the job.


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Just go down to your local mall there should be atleast a couple big name stores that carry dress clothes.

Your best bet would be to ask the people working at the stores, I'm sure they would probably want to help you pick out stuff.


Well, the crappy thing with me with clothes, i have never known what matching is, and i am color blind, so it makes no difference to me anyway :) When i go shopping i am done in less than 10minutes.. Looks like JcPenny here i come.


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Black dress pants ($18 at walmart), a light blue or white shirt ($10-12) and a striped tie ($10) to match, if you do white shirt the tie can have some extra color in it. Oh yeah and a black belt with the black pants.

Ask a sales associate for help with colors, and make sure its not a punk kid with a stud in his tongue.

Khaki and polo are ok after you get hired as long as they come all the way up to you waist and they aren't baggy enough to shove a basketball into.


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Good luck with the new job, Just remember most of the people there are just like you.

So don't act stuff but be yourself (unless yourself is a bad idea haha).

But seriously, work hard play hard.

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