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Jewelzz and all those who reply.....



Just a little background first, I am a 38 year old mom of five. I would die without my computer or my vidoe games. I am also a bit shy, even in words.

Anyway, I wanted to say "Thank You"! I usually don't get involved in msg boards, tried a few times, and alway got no answer, or scoffed at for being "Stupid", or they only talk among "regs" or themselves, or see idiots saying " You're only a kid, I don't want your help" ( like that matters, most of my help comes from kids...they definitely know more then me! ;) )

I just wanted to say you have a great board here, and ALL of you have been very very helpful and never made me ( or anyone else that I have read) feel stupid for asking for help or asking a question! I do try and read through posts first to see if a question I have has already been answered, but sometimes you miss it. I know this is probably not the place to post this, but you guys are really helpful. I will be back and have sent many others here to get help!!!

Keep up the great work guys! And hats off to you for all your patience! :D
I totally agree Angeleyes. ther XP-Erience forums and members are some of the best on the net. I have asked more than a few questions on this site and i have ALWAYS got a reply that works.

3 Cheers for XP-Erience.org.


We're a friendly bunch of miss-fits us xp-erience members!! :D glad you feel welcome, and dont ever be afraid to ask any questions.. about anything (within reason!!)

Jewelzz is one of a kind, and a dear friend, she'll always help.

Njoy ;)


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We're glad you feel welcome and like it here Angeleyes :)
Everyone is always willing to help, they are especially helpful with the females as there are few of us here ;) Don't ever feel foolish for having to ask a question, remember the old saying...The only stupid questions are the questions not asked :D

stuy_b: Thank you, I say the same about you and a few other choice members ;)

Electronic Punk

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Yes you did, dunno where that one came from - I may have been drinking at the time. Lucky no goats where mentioned frankly.
I would also like to point out something, on the main page of xp-erience.org under the main menu section, there is a link for the chat room, if u go there many of the mods and other xperienced users are in there ready to answer any questions u might be having. This is "live" help.

For those that use IRC chat programs we are on Efnet go to #xperience.

Just thought I would mention that. :D


Wow, thanks Iceman, I don't know about anyone else, but I didn't know that and that would sure be helpful at times! Thanks so much for that info! ;)

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