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Well I took the wife on a date today and we saw Jersey Girl the latestest movie from Kevin Smith, and the 3rd in the Jersey Trilogy. I was looking forward to this movie since I am a huge Kevin Smith fan since the beginning of his career.
The movie itself is rated PG-13 but to be honest its almost a G. It turned out to be a very toned down comedy for a KS film. It had the usual cameos by Matt Dillon and many others who played roles in past KS movies.
::possible Spoliers::
Since this was to be the 2nd attempt at a Bennifer flick it was nice that Lopez's charater was killed off within the first 15 mins of the film and there were no flash back of her. If you couldnt tell I am in no way shape or form, a Jennifer Lopez fan. Now enough of that. The film is pretty much been there seen that type of outting. No surprizes at all. This seems to show KS is bowing more towards the industry since in the past he has been denied writting or directing some of Hollywood's bigger productions (ie Spiderman and Green Hornet) There is no Jay and Silent Bob, or at least not how we might recognise them. None of the funny although dated, dick and fart jokes as KS is so proud of using.
This endevior for KS is easily the most tame, even if George Carlin, who plays Ben Affelck's father, is in it. The characters are blah and not very interesting. They are very realistic and could be a neighbor or friend. I enjoyed this movie merely for that fact it got me out of the house. Other than that it was a film that you've seen before or at the very least you have seen it's pieces in many other films.​
The movie was worth watching if you have a discount or a coupon to go see it. Other than that wait for it on DVD/Video. Kevin Smith needs to know that if he is to bow to the Hollywood machine and turn out production thats shows no talent or is completely predictable then he will have a short and uneventful career.​
Final Words: The movie was a let down, not very funny and completely predcitable. The ending credits were more interesting. Basically a waste.​
Side Note: Kevin Smith has mentioned he will be making another Jay and Silent Bob flick but when or what it will encompass I am not sure and he has not said.​
So if I liked every kevin Smith movie I have ever seen then I will like this ? :)
Thats what I hear from a lot of people..that this film is very tame for KS as opposed to Dogma, Clerks etc... I'm gonna wait for it to come out on DVD and rent it with a coupon hehe.
Chasing Amy. Why does everbody somehow let that slide?
falconguard said:
Chasing Amy. Why does everbody somehow let that slide?
Yep, I do agree, Chasing Amy is my favorite, ... but me like all the others aswell ;)
I like Dogma better than Chasing Amy... but Clerks rules then all.
Jersey Girl was supposed to be a departure from Kevins earlier stuff, he said he wanted to do something different without all the childish swearing. And is not the 3rd in the Jersey Trillogy (it consists of Clerks, Mallrats and Chasing Amy). Its not even an askewiverse film.
It was never intended to be a benifer flick its a beniver flick :) (i'm not sure that makes sense), thats just what some media outlets called it, she just happens to be in it (for a while).

Havn't seen it yet (cause as always its not out yet here), looking forward to it. I'm sure i'll like it :)
I was very disappointed in this one as well, being as that it came from Kevin Smith. As with his others, he wrote and directed it. Surprisingly, it's his writing that is to blame for this disappointment. He broke rules that should never be broken for someone with the experience that he has. He practically verbalized the emotions in order to convince the audience that his characters were feeling a certain way. It just wasn't believable, and so it's hard to get caught up in the story. While I can understand his desire to get away from the childish swearing, he can do that and still make much better films than this.
one big plot hole my wife brought up was, where was her family?? They were no where to be found... Not a well executed plot/movie. Big disapointment

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