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Jedi Knight II Jedi Outcast



Just started Outcast and I have to say it's not too bad. So far nothing new per say, but a nice change none the less. I'm looking forward to the multiplayer option. Game play is smooth as it's built on the Q3 engine.


Got mine ordered wiv discount.. £20 instead of £29 :D picking it up from shop on Tuesday :). Cant wait!!



Jedi Knight 2 is best described as Medal of Honor with light sabers!!

Multiplayer is absolutely brilliant :D


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I'll have to wait 'til I have a few spare bucks to pick it up (although at US$49 retail, I reckon I have little right to complain compared to what you guys are paying in the UK).

I was a big fan of Jedi Knight -- even played in a couple of leagues. Any of you guys have experience with both for a contrast/compare?


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$49.99 is abound £34.70. We pay about £29.99 avg. high street price for new games, less if we buy online. Sooo... you're paying more unless you find it sheaper somewhere :p

They charge like £40-45 for PS2 games tho *sigh* I dunno how they get away with selling a plastic disc for that much :( The reason I am forced to buy online...


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Yes, my mind is working backwards again (although the Best Buy retail chain has now put it on sale for $39, so I guess you ARE paying more anyway ... yeah, that's it, I was just being psychic.) :p


The game is totally awesome!!! I've been playing MP so much I haven't even completed level 2 SP yet!! LOL

Folks, if you can afford the little bit extra get the collector's edition. It's a nice looking tin, comes with all three games in the series, but best of all is a miniature lightsabre-keychain. The sabre makes it worth it. Any SW fans I show it to just love it.


I'm sorry Hal...
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DAMN THE POST!! should be getting mine today. arrive already!!!
which means no sleep tonight :)

found this on theforce.net, might be interesting

Word started leaking out that there was a command of g_saberRealisticCombat in the game, that enables realistic combat (At least on enemies that die with one hit. We all know that one clean slice of a saber would cause any Sith to die, no matter how powerful he/she was.) and makes things a whole lot more brutal. Well, it is true. The steps for enabling this feature are:

Load Jedi Outcast Single Player.
Press [Shift]+[~] to open console.
Type "devmapall" in console and press [Enter].
Type "g_saberRealisticCombat 1" and press [Enter]. Note: 1 is used to enable functions, 0 to disable.
You should now have the ability to create a whole lot of visual pain for Stormtroopers and other weak enemies.

Also this was on there too
Darth Maul lightsaber!

Start your own server.
Pull down console, type in "devmap mapname" [mapname is the name of any map, ffa_deathstar for example].
Take out saber, and deactivate it by hitting 1 again.
In console, type /THE DESTROYER or \THEDESTROYER [one of them will work]
reactivate saber

Please not that this will not work in single player. Both blades can hurt enemies and make marks on walls. The animations are the same for the single-bladed saber, so it looks like you slice yourself a lot.


Damn you all, I can't wait to get back to uni now! Left my PC up there with all my games!

Being silly I had JKII sent up there, oh well...


Have any of you seen anything about a "Patch" which allows for limb chopping off and decapitation too!? Originally it was suppose to be in the game but then they removed the graphic stuff.
I think that would "add" to the game :)
Mine is due in tomorrow!


I'm sorry Hal...
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Is my last post invisible?

"Load Jedi Outcast Single Player.
Press [Shift]+[~] to open console.
Type "devmapall" in console and press [Enter].
Type "g_saberRealisticCombat 1" and press [Enter]. "

this allows you to cut peoples heads of and cut them in half etc

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Will have to try that Khayman, started playing it last night...

wanna know how I can get my damn lightsaber, damn cage keeps coming down too fst, help me...

I wanna cut stuff!!


The saberrealisticcombat is great!!! I first heard of this when I entered the official forums, it was hiden somewhere but.....it rocks!!! It's a little like with Soldier Of Fortune where they used the Ghoul-system (you could should of somebodies arm, leg ,etc) but it's just somewhat more inaccurate. Also, you can only slice bodyparts with the Lightsaber and not with any of the other weapons.

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