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Jedi Knight 2



I know this isnt the best place to ask but rage3d.com seems to be down atm. I installed the new patch and loaded the game from my last save point which is the Nar Shadaa level. Before the patch everythng was fine i was running the game at 1280*1024 at 32Bit and getting a steady 90fps. However this new patch has made everything very flickery. I thought this could be due to the dynamic lights but to no avail.

My system specs are:
1.4 Athlon
256Mb DDR
Radeon 8500 - using the leaked catalyst drivers
SB 128 PCI
40Gb Maxtor
WinXP Pro
that is really good to get a steady 90fps at that resolution. But as far as the patch, it is supposed to speed things up. I would just remove it if it slows you down.


its not slowing me down its just the damn flickering thats pissing me off (excuse language;)). I think ill go back to the official catalyst driver :( for the time being. I hope that'll fix it.

Imagine having a res at 1280*1024 and having a 60Mhz refresh rate, thats pretty much a close as i can relate the symptoms to for the game.:mad:

Any more ideas

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