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Jedi Knight 2 Multiplay Problem, and WINXP network card driver problem


Masaki Ando

When I start a server with cheats enabled or a normal server, a few moments after my player model can actually start moving in the map, my session crashes out to the main screen automatically and gives me an error message. (see the screenshot)

When I connect to a server in my LAN with cheats enabled or a normal server, after a round is over, the game also crashes out to the main screen and gives me the same error message.

Let me clarify that I sometimes use cheats because I want to try out the double lightsaber, and I don't think that it matters because the game crashes everytime. The game also crashes even if there bots.

I sent mails to Activision, but their people said: "Cheats are inserted into the game by the developers to let them test the game more quickly.
They are not supported in the final version of the game and we cannot give you any advice on how to use them." in their first responce.

So I reply: "I am aware of the fact that cheats are not supported by your company.
However, the multiplay game tend to crash with an error message in the main
title screen:
end of message
I suspect that this may be an internal bug in the codings, because this also
happens when I play wither another player across LAN, and after a round
ended, the game also crashes and give the same message in the main title

And their response: "Please make sure that you have all the latest drivers for your graphics and sound cards.
Update/reinstall the drivers for your Realtek net card (or other network card).
Windows 98 will overwrite the Realtek net card drivers, and possibly some others. if you have a Realtek card, newer drivers are available at: http://www.realtek.com.tw/cn/doc/cn.htm. Other examples or the CL_ errors: CL_ParseFrame:not playerinfo CL_ParseFrame:not packetentities CL_ParsePacketEntities:bad number:16393 CL_ParsePacketEntities:end of server CL_ParseServerMessage:Illegible message."

And my reply to that: "I do not have a Realtek NIC. I am using NVIDIA TNT2 M64 Video Card with
version 28.32 driver for Windows XP. I also use the onboard sound module in
ASUS A7V 266-E. Also, What do these CL_ errors mean? I know that they are
client-side commands, but I cannot understand what they stand for."

Then they said: "The Nvidia card is your video card. The Realtek card is your network card and this is the one generating the error message. This error message indicates that there is problem sending and receiving the 'packets' of information needed to play the game." And that was their last response.

It seems that whatever I do cannot solve this problem. Can someone help me with this?

In my WINXPPRO retail, I had a problem with restarting my computer. It freezes at the screen that says "Windows is shutting down..."

I tried to change my driver from 3Com Etherlink (3C905B-TX) to 3Com Etherlink XL (3C905B-TX), and my computer rebooted properly.

So my question is this: what is the difference between Etherlink and Etherlink XL? Their model numbers are the same, but their drivers can mess up the rebooting process. Also, changing the driver does not solve the JK2 issue.

I greatly appreciate anyone that can help me this two problems.:)


Dude, this is common problem. No one can answer this one yet.
Most people are saying it's because of a NO-cd crack (it was with my copy, I had to reinstall everything before it was solved....the game ofcourse) but with alot of gamers this won't help. The producers will be releasing a patch soon that should solve this problem.:D


I had the same thing happen

Same problem ,almost. I could move through the options and all but when I tried to launch the game I got the CL could not be opened.
I had played the game before with no problems, then for no reason that I know of, it just started the CL could not load.
I e-mailed lucas tech support and they told me to download the newest drivers for my NVIDIA vanta card.
After I installed the drivers it seems to work fine. I don't know what it did to the drivers in the first place to make them not work after a year of no problems.
:( I hope things work out for you. I'ts a pretty good game.

Masaki Ando

Yeah... I think the best way to do is to get my CD back and stop using the No-CD patchs... people say that it's the best way to go...

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