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Jedi Academy Demo


Boogie Nights...!
From Bluesnews:

"The Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy Single-Player Demo has been released on FilePlanet (registration required), offering a pair of single-player levels from Raven's upcoming installment in the Star Wars Shooter series. The 187 MB download has been mirrored on 3D Gamers, Gamer's Hell, GameSpot (registration required), IGN, and Worthplaying."






Kind of sad.

As I understand it, this is the very last Quake3 engine based game.
187MB is too much? i dont think so!!!

I have full game at home thats 1.4Gb to download and also that is not too much!!! For that good game its worth it of my time and my internet line (2MBit)...

I love it !!!
I think he meant it was too much for slower speed connections. Those of us with high connections, its only like a half hour dl, but it would be like 2 days for dial up...poor bastids
Ups sorry, i didnt understand it like that...yea right for modem line is too much, sorry again..

But anyway the game is very good and i hope they`ll keep doing it like that for long time
Im already playing it for 2 days and i just cant stop it...its adictive..:)


Tomorrow Tweaking Today
Graphically it's pretty average - nothing spectacular.
As for downloading, I have a 56k connection and downloaded over 650megs worth of Baldur's gate 2 from fileshack and fileplanet - and it was only a demo ! Is that crazy or what?


Seems like jk2 all over again, but more people to play with, and u can hold to sabers instead of one. im not wasting 187mb. Geta friend to download it :p


Must be dreaming...
Originally posted by BlueBlood
Seems like jk2 all over again, but more people to play with, and u can hold to sabers instead of one.
Ahh the good old days...
*remembers how he used force push to deflect missiles* :p

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