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Jaw hurts bad!!


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Ok I had this problem yesterday.... I feel like i had a jaw lock... it feels like when i open my mouth really wide it F**KIN hurts, its not my jaw its like when i open my mouth wide it really hurts on my right side near my ear! I didn't get hurt or anything, i didn't inijure my jaw tho.. What the hell is going on? Dont wana go to doctors yet. SO plz can you guys tell me what is going on? I really apreciate it.:)


you are experiencing post nuclear exothermic electric shock to the head. take 10 motrin and call me in the morning


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what the? No my head doesnt hurt. when i open up my mouth wide it hurts on the right side near my ear. It happened yesterday.


In my expert opinion I would say you have a mis-aligned
Flange Knob-ulator in the cranial dufus region.
Drink 2 bottles of Jim Beam and go for a long drive, in the morning you will be cured.

My bill is in the post!


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sounds like an alignment problem with lower jaw.

place your head in a vice and tighten slowly until it pops back in to place, if brain goes pop the pressure is to great so back off one turn!!!!!!


Dr. Code_Cutter is an evil medical doctor. he isnt really a doctor at all, kind of like Dr. Evil. the post nuclear exothermic electric shock to the head causes ones jaw to hurt. it is simply cured by taking 10 motrin, waiting a half hour for it to take effect, and going to find the biggest guy you can find, paying him $20 to punch you as hard as he can on the right side of your jaw to realign it into its proper position


Tbird94sc you found me out! AHHHHHH. My plot to take over the medical community has been foiled. Drats


get a mouth full of gobstoppers and bite down on them on the side that doesn't hurt. now that both hurt you won't notice which one hurts worse. :D


I was thinking about posting a thread on advise to cure my haemorrhoids, but i think I'll pass now.........:(

you may have what i have. it's called tmj. basically, there's something screwed up with the joints in the jaw that connect to your skull. i have cracking, poping sounds constantly when i eat or move my jaw around.

sometimes, i get severe headaches from grinding my teeth at night - a result of tmj.

i've done a lot of reserch and there are options, but not many.

i would highly recommend going to the doctor.

if you wake up with the symptons i described above, start wearing a mouth guard (like the ones they use for sports). it won't stop the teeth grinding, but it'll save your teeth!

hope this helps...


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My daughter has TMJ which was cause from her wearing braces. The Orthodontist told her to wear a mouth guard at night when she sleeps (the kind worn for sports), unfortunately if she wears the mouth guard she can't wear her retainer. If she doesn't wear her retainer her teeth shift and hurt :rolleyes:

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