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Javascript Mouse-Over Event w/ Animated GIF

wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction...

i've made an animated GIF in photoshop imageready for use as a sig pic on another forum. it's about 90 frames.

what i'd like to do is this: anytime someone mouses over the image, the animation should start and play once, then return to a static image.

is there a really easy way to do what i want, or am i in for some serious coding? :confused:


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You can set the GIF to loop only once upon loading, but you can not look for someone to "mouse over" the image, and then get it to play.

And you can not do it with any serious coding either.
but i've seen another sig pic that does exactly this.

i've seen some simple "mouse-over" javascripts, so i'm pretty sure it can be done with either javascript or photoshop rollovers.



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If you're allowed HTML in your sig on the forum then it's very possible. You need to take the first frame and export it as a static image. Then on the mouse over actually change the image to the gif, which will then play.
But not many forums allow HTML in signatures, because to be honest, it's stupid.
yes, flash is allowed on that site, but sadly, i know absolutely nothing about it. i've heard the learning curve for it is steep and right now, i just don't have the time.
found a simple solution using javascript. here it is in case anyone is interested...

stick this between the <head> tags:


<script language = JAVASCRIPT>
<!-- Hide script from old browsers
if (document.images)
redChile = new Image
danceChile = new Image

redChile.src = "name of static image goes here"
danceChile.src = "name of animated gif goes here"
// Stop hiding script from older browsers -->


stick this between the <body> tags:

<A HREF="/news/vol3/design_no10.htm" onMouseover = "document.Chile.src=danceChile.src" onMouseout = "document.Chile.src=redChile.src">
<IMG BORDER="0" SRC="name of static image goes here" ALT="hold mouse on pic for animation" NAME="Chile" WIDTH="380" HEIGHT="154"></A>


enjoy! :D
it didn't function at all when i inserted it into the signature field in my profile on the other bbs.

i guess it wigged out when it saw the javascript. ;)

back to the drawing board...
yep, that bbs doesn't allow javascript in messages or in the signature field.

BUT! someone suggested i try out swish. apparently, it's an app that can make little movies like i want fairly easily and it's not as hard to learn as flash!

so, phooey on flash.....i'm gonna d/l the swish demo. :)

get it here

also, i found tons of swish tutorials via google, so i may start soon.

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