javascript function to change status bar (advanced)


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24 Jan 2004
ok so what i want to do is have the status bar change if the user's resolution is less than a certain size. i have come pretty far, but all i could do was get the notification i want written in on the webpage itself with the document.write command. the code currently is...
<script language="JavaScript1.2">

var actionwidth=1025
var actionheight=769
if (screen.width <actionwidth||screen.height <actionheight)
document.write("NOTICE: Your current resolution prohibits the viewing of this page as intended by the webmaster. Please increase your resolution!")

note the use of document.write and the closings of (" and ")

that all works fine and dandy on the page it self (enclosed in body), but again, i want to put this in the status bar of the user's browser. i tried window.status in place of document.write but that doesn't work. also, i have a window.defaultstatus script in the head, but i don't think that matters. one more thing, the action width and height variables are so i could test the script at my res of 1024*768.

if this isn't the place to be asking this sort of question, plz point me where to. THANKS.
Some people dont allow javascript to change the status bar. I have no clue how to do it, but i suggest putting it at the bottom of the page.
if your using document.write, and thats what shows on the webpage, couldnt you just do
document.write("~status bar display code here~")

or instead of using the document.write, use document.onload

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