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java scripting errors


Overclocked Like A Mother
Hi Guys,

Got an email about someone having trouble with javascripting errors. I do know that they are using XPwith SP2, and they do have admin control. They have tried to install Java from the java.com, still to no effect.

"Java software. He uninstalled it and reinstalled it and he said it's not
Norton cause he disabled it and it still didn't work. Internet Explorer is
giving an error saying 'no permission'."

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,



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Political User
Can you get a screenshot of the error?

Also, post a full screenie, this way we can see what apps are currently running in the systemtray.


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Ha, good luck.

Java can be a bit cranky sometimes. Also check to see if he's downloading the full, offline installer, not the lite version.


Overclocked Like A Mother
Well I got this instead of a screenie:

"I Tried all the steps suggested, still there is an error
message at the lower left corner of the internet explorer saying "ERROR ON
PAGE" when the button is pushed, when I double click on the error bar in the
lower left, a screen comes up and says "permission denied" and lists the URL
of the current webpage, I have updated all the Windows updates, reloaded
JAVA, turned off Norton with no luck."

I am thinking that maybe he should uninstall IE and reinstall IE, How's that sound?



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Political User
Those errors aren't entirely bad.

Sounds more to me now it is a problem with the webpage he is visiting, perhaps a coding error that resides on the server side. If I can picture this correctly, it's a Yellow Exclamation point, saying errors on the page. That is not client-side, he has nothing to worry about.

Is it blocking any functionality, as in preventing his PC from doing something?

Is it on every site he goes to?
Ok you are talking about Javascripting errors and then mentioning Java. These two technologies are not connected at all. Javascript was just named to get on the back of the Java bandwagon at the time to my knowledge.

So is the problem with Javascript or with a Java based applet or application that this user is trying to use?
Yeah if its a specific webpage then there isn't much you can do about it.
Uninstalling Java will do nothing as they are not related.

Have you tried viewing the webpage in a range of browsers? I would try MSIE first as most sites end up writing JavaScript and then not doing any cross browser testing so it is very likely that it will only work as the developer intended in one browser.
Worse still it might only work for a specific browser running on a specific os with both the browser and os at specific patch levels. This is why I hate JavaScript debugging :D

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