Java program question


6 Jan 2004
I amworking on my lab due next thursday and i am stuck on what to do, i am trying to find the circumference and area of a elipse. I have the right it looks, it compiles and everything, but on the main i am trying to display circum but it doesn't compile cannot resolve symbol
symbol : method displayIt ()
location: class Circum

is the error. I put the project on my sites, if someone can look at it would make me so happy. :)
I'll give it a shot in a second as I cant seem to download it in BSD so I have to boot into windows
oh i see that now :) thanks a lot, now i gotta figure out why it isn't inputing numbers, just using 0
thanks again, glad you pointed that out, never woulda have realized that

90% done :) , just realizing in my i was only doing the displayIt object, so added the other 2 above it. still outputting a 0, but its letting me input so i am hella happy

100% complete!!! i took out all the other stuff like displayIt, just made it body, it works fine now. going to look into to see how i import area and circum into a display it without reset back to 0. i think that was the problem :)
I'm glad somebody knows, I know nothing about Java!
good luck :)
if you learned on C++ its usually better and the programs are a lot cleaner. But i still love my C :)

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