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Java Program attracts Virus like flies!


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In the past I have installed Java 2, RESE 1.4.2_04 and experienced several problems with Trojans entering my system. NIS didn’t catch them entering but NAV 2003 caught them after running a scan.

I deleted java in order to prevent the trojans from infecting my system.

Once I deleted java I had no problems, no more infections. Ran several Windows updates. Everything was fine. Regular NAV scans revealed no further infections.

I decided to install Java (same pgm) again several days ago. I ran a NAV scan 5 days after installation and found 5 trojans (byte verify being one).

What is it with this Java program? It seems to be a virus magnet. Is there anyway to keep the program and keep the virus’s out?





Debiant by way of Ubuntu
No issues with Java here - where are you getting this Java from? Downloading fresh the second time, or re-installing? Maybe you should check with them - more usually ActiveX is a suspect, that's not involved is it?


OSNN One Post Wonder
Thanks J79ZLR, your link to the Java page explains my problem exactly, even the virus that are listed on the link are all the same ones that I have seen in my system.

Thanks again,

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