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Java machiean


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i have had to reinstall winXP, i got all the updates that i needed, however when i visit a web page that has java on it
it says that i need java VM installed, so i click the install on demand and i goto winupdate where i see a message saying that the Java virtual machiean is not avaliable to winXP anymore.
where can i get this missing file from?, i do have IE6 in cd some where would installign this solve my problem?

thanks :)

Electronic Punk

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Ok, did anyone get Microsoft Virtual Machine via a corporate update and therefore still have the file?

I will upload a copy to the site if I can get it...


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the Copr update wont let download it ither when i tellit where i want to save the file to it comes up with an update error :( and there is only a patch for the Java VM, i hope some one still has the file,
thanks for the help EP :)
yes found that to my horror earlier too.. when tried VNCing computers from my server... MS update dont do it anymore ;(

quick google search resolved the situation though ;)



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Yes, the download is no longer available on the Microsoft website. You need to find a source other than Microsoft to download the above file. Search Google, or even Kartoo!

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