Java, ActiveX, Youtube, IE7 sucks


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Hey all,

only when is IE7 in a good mood, that I can watch any videos on Youtube, or any other flash or java video,

I really want to use IE7, but things like this is really getting to me.

Why will it let me watch videos two days ago, but not since? This has happened before.

There are many other little things that I have gotten used to dealing with on a day to day basis.

Why is IE7 doing this?

Thanks in advance,

Never had a problem myself. You may try re-installing flash and java (removing both first with add/remove programs).

Javascript is not Java and has absotivley posilutley nothing to do with it :)


Overclocked Like A Mother
Thanks L.O.LA

I have tried that too, uninstalling/reinstalling, at least a half dozen times.

I am enabling/disabling everything under the sun,


Hmm. Maybe you should try re-installing the sun then :p

Only suggestion I can come up with is redownload the various components from the relevent websites and install again with IE closed.

Failing that a large sledgehammer may be adequate stress relief.


Overclocked Like A Mother

Thanks for the laugh, Bud,

I actually installed firefox 2.0, everything, including passwords, youtube, is working right out of the box,

Might just go back to Firefox,

Thanks again, for the laugh,



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I have found that there are numerous sites that do not work with IE7. Which is the reason I went back to Firefox2. Of course we all know that they will never fix the issues.

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