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James Bond

Who do you want to be James Bond?

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Mr. Bananagrabber
Political User
Hey can anyone clear up the James Bond issues?
My friends said that pierce wants to come back, but they said he quit too so...
Who has the real scoop on this?
Also on this thread we can discuss past, present, and future movies of JamesBond.


Mr. Bananagrabber
Political User
Re: Jamesbond

He seems to be good for the job but I still wish it were pierce brosnan...
I personally didn't like Die Another Day, but that was because of the director...
Still i wish pierce would come back...


OSNN One Post Wonder
Really? I heard that it was between Clive Owen and Ewan McGregeor for the next James Bond role. Or maybe I imagined that. :S Still, I would've liked to see one of them in the next James Bond movie, but I don't think I'd mind Daniel Craig.


Overclocked Like A Mother
I too heard that it was Clive Owen.

When I saw him in the BMW commercials, I knew that he should be a good goodguy, good actor.



Mr. Bananagrabber
Political User
I thought it was going to be the bad guy in Mission Impossible 2...
For me any other actor is better than that guy :)


Mr. Bananagrabber
Political User
Gee Wiz...
The entire bond corporation is going to go down the tubes if this guy ends up playing bond...
I didn't realize what "weakling" he was...
This really sucks... I want to see Pierce come back :(


I'm sorry Hal...
Political User
Wow, you guys are behind. Daniel Craig was officially announced as Bond couple of months ago pierce wanted to come back but the producers/owners didn't want him. At least that's what he said
Vanquished said:
The entire bond corporation is going to go down the tubes if this guy ends up playing bond...
too late the entire bond series went down the tube when Cubby Broccoli passed away. They have never been the same.

On another note Brosnan was apparently wanting to get out of the role a few years ago as the thought his name might get too attached to his work as James Bond. Daniel Craig I think should be alright. I am going to refrain from passing judgement until the film comes out.


High On Life!
i think pierce pulled everything off nicely, even though a lot of the stuff seems hard to believe he made us beleive, dont know about this guy, but if he already lost two teeth, i dont see him preforming as well as pierce, anyways its one of those things that you want to hold on to, (eg friends(the show)) but can't oh well


Staff member
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Well I'll wait to pass judgement on the guy until after I see the movie. However I believe that if the guy does stink at the role he'll not do another much like George Lazenby who only did one Bond movie


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
Bonds take a couple of movies to "bed in" before we know if they can cut it... then it all comes down to personal opinion - a bit like who is your favourite Beatle.

And last night a show here called Davina had him as a guest and it was quite clear that although there may have been some negotiation the decision is made and final - so this poll is kinda irrelevant. I got the impression he was angling for more money, and that swayed the producers to go for the new guy... But maybe I was reading too much into it? Also we need to remember he is 52 now, and there surely has to be a limit on how old a Bond can be and the stunts etc be believeable?


F@H - Is it in you?
Staff member
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I added one more option, the guy I think SHOULD have been the new Bond :cool:

His name was bandied round a bit :)

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