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I have been meaning to try this since the IM poll thread, but I dont know which of the thousands of clients to choose. I have given gurp a little spin, but it didnt seem to make much sense. Any offers of better clients?


Random Apple Dude
i dont know whats wrong with paper and pens. .... pens... stabbing... pens... paper.. suffocating paper.... dam.. i liked the old days... though choking someone with a mouse is fun too :speechless:

not that i'd know... *ahem* ...... :rolleyes: :lick:

p.s. i dont like any IM apps apart from iChat :)


I may actually be insane.
Scott, you're weird.

I've given up with iChat, because AiM stinks and no one uses it. I'll use it again in Tiger with Jabber support, but until then, it's never going to be opened again on here.


Political User
I have gotten so used to the way iChat works that is it the only APP that i actually like using a lot, there is really not that many other programs out there that work and are user friendly at the same time.

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