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Not an issue Jabber Server?


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Question. Have you guys ever thought about running a Jabber Server verces an IRC Server? Or both.

I am currently working on one at work (internally) CHat rooms inside with differnt areas (Teachers, Techs, Admins) and User lists can be updated automaticly.

Maybe not for all teh users but very usefull for a group of people.. Also With openfire you can create a help link which brings up a Web based chat and can be sent to selected members of Jabber.

Just an Idea.


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Please don't post in old threads. Moved your post to the suggestions forum.

As for the Jabber versus IRC argument, that has long waged in our administrative section. We have decided to stick with IRC for now, you can find us on Freenode, channel #osnn

This alleviates us having to run yet another service and keeping it up to date, making sure it is functioning and helping users. There is already plenty of help for the IRC clients available for Windows (mIRC, Xchat) and under Linux (Xchat, Irssi, BitchX), thereby removing the burden of having to support yet another different client.

Also, many of us, who are on the IRC server are also on other channels, so it makes more sense to use IRC, and have multiple tabbed windows rather than yet another client running in the background.


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if thast the case. I forgot to take in mind the forums has more High tech users then in my situation. which is a bunch of Teachers.

As far as support its basic. The server runs great. Self reg. And you cna use any client that supports jabber protocal.


I use it here and helped me thought it could do something for you guys as well.

Also sorry about posting it elsewere, i did not know. Thanks for moving it.


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It is a great suggestion, but as I mentioned before, this has already been discussed in great lengths in our administrative section.

The learning curve for IRC vs Jabber is not that big, and IRC has the value added feature that once you are on IRC, there are many other channels for many different things to hang out in, and get information, whereas if we ran our own Jabber server it would be pretty limited.

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