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Iv unistalled Win XP Pro from my system :(



I reformatted and reinstalled win 98 due to all the probs ive been having with XP :( ..... however I cant seem to delete the partion from my HDD than XP created the NTSC or whatever its called u know like the Fat 32 is for 98 :(

how can I delet this partion as its holding or seems to be holding up 7.0 gigs of me HDD its a 38.5 gig now it saying its a 31.5 :(

I have changed nothing in my bios since ???

any ideas pleas ......thanx in advance


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In order to delete a NTFS partition from your hard disk, you have to go into Win98's fdisk utility (use a boot floppy) and select Delete a non-DOS partition. It should be listed there. NTFS is considered NON-DOS because Win98/MS-DOS cannot read it



Thanx man

cheers mate can i do this now......or will it affect my fat 32 partion ??

or do i have to reformat and delet all partions ........if you know like ?

thanx agian


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It should not affect your FAT32 partitions. After you repartition it as a DOS drive, go into Windows, right click the drive letter for the new partition, and click Format to format that partition to FAT32. Then you may begin saving and installing files onto it.

But this will leave you with two seperate drive partitions with seperate letters. A 3rd party utility like Partition Magic 7 may be able to merge the partitions together to make one large FAT32 partition.



once agian thanx......

nice to see a forum working like this :)......

I think Ill leave it for now as i still have lots of room , and over xmas period i will reformat and install win 98 agian "including delete non dos partion :)" this time......

and all should be find

yeah i hear there are some good partion magic etc programs ou there....but ive allready got enough drives and my wife is allways moaning as she is a very light user....that she gets confuse A: b: c: d: e: and f: 2 floppys and 1 dvd 1 cdrom 1 cdr .....

i usually reformatt every 2 months as im no good at keeping my system clean........

i have 2 cds with all drivers/patches/updates and programs i need
so i can reformat and be playing q3 arena with all my fire wall e-mails etc operational in 2 hours :)

however im so used to pressing the options in fdisk that i dont look at the menu lol and didnt even see the option u speak of lol non msdos/fat 32 :( .......learn somert new every day...

2morrow nite im gonne install XP on my other pc which i do al my work on and recording :p............

cheers agian man respect !!!!!!!!
bye for now

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