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iv fallen in love with this case talk me in/out of it.


Blame me for the RAZR's
ok as many of you might know im building a new system. You can check that out if you feel the need to here.

Ok this is the case and the dilema. Im allready looking at 1300 for the componets of the system and i still need a PSU/Case. I want somewhat quality for this as i think of the PSU as gas for the rig.

This case is expensive for also having to buy a PSU but i just love it....

So once again give me your opinions and if you have any suggestions on another case feel free to tell me.

THERMALTAKE SHARK VA7000SWA Silver Aluminum ATX Full Tower Computer Case - Retail link

Yes im a sucker for the shark motif as well.... hehe.


Blame me for the RAZR's
i like that one as well. Had acually looked at it ealier only problem is 250 for a case/psu is alot hehe. I just need to be talked into this..

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VenomXt said:
i like that one as well. Had acually looked at it ealier only problem is 250 for a case/psu is alot hehe. I just need to be talked into this..
I spent $272 on my Thermaltake Xaser III 2420au with 420W PSU (which died recently taking the mobo with it :()

Now I got a new mobo (See sig) and PSU (Enermax 460W)

Anyways back to the topic:
I say if you want it get it, no sense regretting it later.


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I spent 200 bucks on my Lian Li PC-75 case, then a $100 on my Enermax PSU. Dont be afraid to spend money on your computer, especially the PSU it holds it all together. Just because it doesnt effect performance doesnt mean its not important. :D I think if you want a good lookin computer then its worth investing in a high quality case.


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You know my Take on it... I have and LOVE my ThermalTake Tsunami, and the ease of which I can take things out of and put back into my case including...

CD Roms Rws, DVD's etc... have thumbtabs not screws...
the HDDs are in an enclosure that removes and again more ease of use, thumb screws not real screws... and the case opens with 2 latches again no screws, and the fas well just look at the fans...

TWO 120mm fans and a 90mm fan you cant go wrong with ThermalTake...
mlakrid said:
Sexy? Nah, Although I did like the pic of the same aluminum case in the black...

You are arguing with my opinion. You can't discount someone's opinion because it's their own. However, the word sexy was used because that is how many people describe something of unsurpassed quality and beauty. I usually do not use that word in such a context but have found myself using out of habit - hearing it as other's descibe their opionions.

By close examination of the photos, you can see the fit and finish is precise - this is an extreme quality case.

I do favor the black as well but featured the silver so as not to create too much distance from what he originally desires.

Most cases are similar. A case with drive rack, PSU mount, etc. This is another feature I like about the Lian-LI - there are 3 separate compartments.

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lynchknot, you sound a little bit like a fanboy / promoter the way you talk of that case. especially with your words "close examination of the photos".
you mean you dont actually have the case and have never seen it in real life?
hmmm, i think im sticking with ultra-sleek and stylish silver thermal take shark. now thats a bad ass case (close examination of photos not needed) :D


Blame me for the RAZR's
well i did go with the "tank" CM stacker lol. Im really happy with it. Air flow is amazing and fun to work with because of the room. i just dont expect to move it around too much. I need to make backback straps for the damn thing hehe.
lynchknot said:
What the...upside down motherboard? Thing is, that makes craploads of sense to put the hottest thing in the case in an area where its heat naturally rises upward away from it. Unorthodox, but innovative! I need to look into this more.

Plus I don't want another Chieftec case, regardless of how the outside looks...maybe I just like to be different :) My plain-jane chieftec case has served me well, though.
yeah its going to rise right into the GPU, heh!

p.s:your case, different? it isnt different if thats what computer cases have been like for over a decade :) if you want to be different, go with a thermaltake shark. solid reviews out there for it so all there is left to do now is try it urself.
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One of those "rock and a hard place" situations, it looks like.

The Shark does indeed look nice on the outside, but it's still a Chieftec. Since I already have one, I'm just perusing other designs.

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