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iTunes 4.5 upgrade problem


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I downloaded and installed the new update last night... from 4.2 to 4.5. The installation completed with no problems, but when I load iTunes, I get the following message from the "iTunes Setup Assistant."


iTunes drivers for importing and burning CDs and DVDs cannot be found. Please reinstall iTunes or restart your system.

I've done both reinstalling and rebooting but I still get the same message. When I get out of the message iTunes loads up to v4.2, which I think is strange since the installer removed that version first. I'm about to uninstall 4.2 altogether and try a fresh install of 4.5, but I'd rather not do that just because I'll have to redo my music library. I've made no changes otherwise as far as I know... this should be a simple upgrade.


why not just uninstall to begin with, usually upgrade is a bad idea. uninstall and then do full 4.5 setup and you should be fine.


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Why? Because I don't want to lose my library like I already said. The installer is made to remove the necessary components of the older version and install the newer version leaving personlized settings intact. Plus, doing that is the easy way -- it's like saying just reformat if things aren't working correctly. Basically the only thing I won't upgrade is an operating system. In this case, I'm looking for the reason why I'm getting this message.


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I wouldn't reformat as that will cause more trouble then you need. Make sure your quicktime version updated (have read some people for some reason didn't have there copy update w/ iTunes 4.5). And installing new over old should work fine .. did it this morning w/out a problem yet. :)


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Hmm. I installed a new MPEG4 codec for WMP because I was having video troubles, and now iTunes 4.5 is working fine. Very strange, but at least it works!

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