It's all gone Pete Tong *SPOILERS*

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People seem to be confused about the title of this movie and when I say people I mean the majority of Americans. Pete Tong is cockney rhyming slang for wrong, so basically it has all gone wrong. Frankie Wilde is a fictional DJ who goes deaf which is obviously going to cause a few problems, Pete Tong is a DJ who is not deaf and cameos in the film, but then so does Tiesto, Paul van Dyk, Carl Cox and Fatboy Slim.

The film starts in Ibiza of course, a place I have many special memories of, I would have had more but there is a weird alcohol+ enduced time vortex there that makes 2 weeks seem like a few days by the pool with a headache.

There are some cool, but low budget effects that show the basics of mixing is done, using split screens and wave visualisations, really interesting if you have ever wondered how it is done.

Frankie is the biggest DJ since, well, ever and is living it up as much as one would expect with a girlfriend (who seems more like the village bike), a step son and a friend who takes the form of a badger who forces Frankie to take coke by having it thrown at his head with a shovel (I kid you not). He is supposed to be composing an album but it is not working out very well.

Frankie goes deaf suddenly which makes attempting to mix two records which obviously doesn't go down to well and gets kicked out of Cream, Amnesia (a club), this was actually a special scene for me because I was in it! I may have actually seen myself, but I will have to check out the DVD release to be sure.

Frankies bird leaves him and he disappears for 6 months, locking himself away in a padded room with no noise, thinking that the only way he is going to get his hearing back is to stay in utter silence. So the only people he sees during this time are drug dealers and his coke badger.

This is where the film takes a twist, up until this point it had been about living it large, amusing drug jokes, even a few deaf jokes. This is the kind of film I was expecting, but this is where it changed.

Frankie is still deaf and decides to clear his act up and decides to learn to lipread, he gets depressed because he has been a DJ for as long as he can remember. He and his new deaf missus go to a Salsa club and it is here that Frankie realises that all noise is really vibration with the aid of a glass of whiskey - jurassic park. They go to a club and Frankie realises that he can still feel the music.

Using his feet to beatmatch and a laptop to show the beats Frankie creates both an album and a mix tape and takes it to his manager.

Max: Did you do this Frankie?
Frankie: Hows it sound? I haven't heard it...
Max: Frankie this is the greatest thing I have ever, I'm sorry did you just say you hadn't heard it?

Not gonna say any more as I just realised I am doing a summary not a review, but it makes you realise that you don't need to have a huge budget to make a cute little film ;D


hmmm not on dvd yet and the film works in greenwich aren't scrrening it in the gallery....

If they move it into the gallery when I get some money I'll go see it. If all goes to plan I'll be in birmgham over the 17th to 20th so I amy pop and see it at the odeon on newstreet dunno yet.

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It came out last friday. I spent my 6 hours filming it 2 years ago... before half the song in the film were doing the rounds... lol

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I read this over at Mercury Nation a couple of days ago. Wouldn't mind seeing it, but I don't think it will be in the states!

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