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Mr. Bananagrabber
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What have you gotten on ebay?
Hmm lets see:

1 Gas Powered R/C monster truck
3 R/C Helicopters
3 AEG airsoft guns (M4, AK47, AK47)
12 Text Books
4 Advertising Campaigns
6 luck of the draw games
4 Audiovox SMT5600 cell phones
1 Season 1 of House
2 PC version of Halo
6 Screen Protectors (For SMT5600)
50 Antenna Boosters (Used 1 which didnt work)
32 Ebooks
1 Navman 550 Navigation system
2 Oversees WWII hats
3 5000 bb bags of .12g bbs

I know i have bought more, im just listing stuff i got this summer.
Ill add more :)
How bout you?
CDrw drive
music tapes

I know there was more but I haven't used it in years because of all the fraud that started poping up.


Political User
Just in the order I can remember it in...

XFX 6800 GT
Asus A8n-SLI Deluxe
AMD Athlon 4800+
Tool T-Shirt's
Tool Stickers
Seinfeld Mustard/Ketchup (salt and pepper shakers)
Panasonic FZ20 5.1mp Digital Camera
Motorola MPx200
Motorola MPx220
Batteries and external charger for MPx220
World of Warcraft (cough)

other stuff too, I just cant remember it all.
My first computer in 1998, WoW gold, Guild Wars Gold, the occasional PC part, and a cell phone to replace one that fell in the toilet.


Political User
He is in the Uk, they don't get those commercials.

Ebay has commercials that say "It" and then the ending slogan at the end of the ad is:

You can find It on Ebay!

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