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12 Jan 2006
What have you gotten on ebay?
Hmm lets see:

1 Gas Powered R/C monster truck
3 R/C Helicopters
3 AEG airsoft guns (M4, AK47, AK47)
12 Text Books
4 Advertising Campaigns
6 luck of the draw games
4 Audiovox SMT5600 cell phones
1 Season 1 of House
2 PC version of Halo
6 Screen Protectors (For SMT5600)
50 Antenna Boosters (Used 1 which didnt work)
32 Ebooks
1 Navman 550 Navigation system
2 Oversees WWII hats
3 5000 bb bags of .12g bbs

I know i have bought more, im just listing stuff i got this summer.
Ill add more :)
How bout you?
CDrw drive
music tapes

I know there was more but I haven't used it in years because of all the fraud that started poping up.
Just in the order I can remember it in...

XFX 6800 GT
Asus A8n-SLI Deluxe
AMD Athlon 4800+
Tool T-Shirt's
Tool Stickers
Seinfeld Mustard/Ketchup (salt and pepper shakers)
Panasonic FZ20 5.1mp Digital Camera
Motorola MPx200
Motorola MPx220
Batteries and external charger for MPx220
World of Warcraft (cough)

other stuff too, I just cant remember it all.
My first computer in 1998, WoW gold, Guild Wars Gold, the occasional PC part, and a cell phone to replace one that fell in the toilet.
My first computer in 1998, WoW gold, Guild Wars Gold, the occasional PC part, and a cell phone to replace one that fell in the toilet.

How did you buy your first computer on eBay? ;)
I don't actually recall buying anything on eBay, other than some textbooks on
I have sold a few things on it though.
Have never used their service. Not after my friend got ripped off badly. On what looked to be an valid deal even to me.
Did a mod accidentally rename the thread, or was it always what it is ;p
He is in the Uk, they don't get those commercials.

Ebay has commercials that say "It" and then the ending slogan at the end of the ad is:

You can find It on Ebay!
as in the "IT" commercials...

Dont you all get the eBay commercials over there?


EDIT: ok guess not... :(

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