Issues with Mouse and Counter-Strike


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Dec 24, 2001
Hey all,

This is a very discouraging problem. As I stated in other forums, I was already going to re-place XP on my system, just a matter of getting the want to do it. I had it on my old system, and got 2K before building my new system, and promised myself that I'm going to put 2k on the new system once it's built.

I just reinstalled XP a few days ago back on this system, and so far it's been hell. I haven't been able to isolate this Shut Down problem, I followed that XP Services guide, and one of them fixed it so now it shuts down fine, so that's one problem down...

Another reason I'm kind of upset is because on my Microsoft Ethernet Broadband Router I had to use XP, because I don't have 98, and XP was the only other system that you're able to configure the router with. So that was the "kinetic force" that got me to install the Operating System.

Well right now on one of my absolutely favorite games, probably two because it's on the same Half-Life based engine. I'm even beginning to experience the issue outside of the game. Inside of Counter-Strike and Day of Defeat, the mouse is all screwed up. It's very difficult to aim for the fact that the mouse feels sluggish. I normally run on 3.5 sensitivity, which is great for me, but that is now too slow, as well as everything else. I either overshoot or underaim. This is an important issue in both of these games because of some of my ties with some organizations.

I had posted requesting a fix in the Counter-Strike forums. Three fixes were posted to me: Installing a registry fix that would supposedly "disable" MS Windows XP's Acceleration thingy, as well as two extra commands in the command line to execute Counter-Strike. All three of those fixes have failed miserably.

I come now to you guys, I really need some help with this as it is almost very dire for me. I hope you can help me. In addition to posting here, if you can please contact me via AIM: Punkrulz24, or ICQ: 58920607... Please guys, I would really appreciate this. :(


Somewhat eXPerienced
Dec 24, 2001
Nevermind guys, I fixed it. It seems that I read the FAQ in the Counter-Strike forums, and somebody addressed the issue that if you go into dxdiag, then go to Sound, and set Sound Acceleration all the way to no acceleration, it will clear up Mouse and Keyboard lag: And it did exactly that. :)

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