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Issues with choosing Details in Explorer...


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Hey all I am hoping someone might have an Idea how to make My custom chosen Details stay no matter what and yes I have set Tools>Remember Each Folders View Setting in Folder Options!
Namely I went to my MP3 folders and in every one I added the track number right after name. XP seems to have major issues with this and misreads track numbers even when the correct # is in the filename.
Anyhow when I opened each folder after the next reboot of ALL were gone..... + on the same note in "certain' folders I prefer to have "date Created" before Date modified but no matter what Explorere ALWAYS reverts back to its default Details!!! Grrr

Also, is there any way to have Explorere open to the Full breadth(size) of the window(without Maximizing) Every time? I know I can stretch it out, close the window and re-open it(opens correctly then) but that's a hassle.... Same works for any app BTW but of course as soon as you reboot it reverts as well. Your thoughts? Registry hacks?
Um Just in case including my folder settings(abbrv)

classic, same wind, double clck
Display everything pairs as a single and don't cache
Don't hide anything, remem and Restore
show, show, & show and don't use simple

wuold appreciate your help. Jelliot

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Good grief Charlie Brown
For the window sizing you can try this app. I haven't used it in xp though & I can't remember if it sets itself up or you have to add a shortcut to the startup folder. Windows will open in the same place everytime. This is the home page. Look under products for leaf winkeeper.


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Muchos Gracias ------ You Like?


Check this puppy out? What do you think? I owe ypu one!! I hope the artist forgives me for UHH "tweaking" it a little bit<:-}

Anyhow I'll look that site over and see if I can find that app. If it works in XP I'll let everyone know, and if anyone else has any other Ideas? Please by all means, SHARE them!

Thanks again,



First Hipster thanks for the link, found something nice there. :)

Now to the problem that windows XP sometimes forgets it's folder view settings.
Backup these RegKeys just in case.
Now after you have backed them up, delete them from the registry. Restart windows to take effect.
This resets everything to the default. Now you can change each folder and the setting will stay (at least for a while).
It seems that by default XP remembers only 400 folder settings. You can increase this number by adding a D-Word called BagMRU Size with the value 000003e8 (or decimal 1000) to these registry keys

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