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Issues disconnecting a DialUp Modem? Plz Read!


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Hopefully somebody can help me. I have experienced a problem when I disconnect my Dialup Modem. It used to be on 98 that when you right click => disconnect, your modem will disconnect, and the internet connection in the taskbar will cease to be there... but now I am having troubles on XP.

I will right click and click Disconnect when I want to disconnect, but the damndest thing is there will be a really long delay from when I click disconnect, to when the modem will actually disconnect and let me use my computer again. This will happen on my sister's machine too with XP, so I am led to believe this is going to be a pretty common problem.

Any suggestions?
I dont really have that prob, yes I think the pause is longer on XP than with ME or 9x, but I think it might be becasue it is mopping up the connection. Sending Term sigs to the server to tell that end to disconnect.

Not really sure. What modem are you using? Are the modems the same between you and your sisters machine?


Somewhat eXPerienced

Mine is a Connexant
Hers is a Rocksford.

I mean I notice that if I open the actual panel and click disconnect, it will do it right there... but right clicking the internet notifier and clicking disconnect leaves a 2 second pause. I really doubt it needs to wait 2 minutes before disconnecting.


takes one whole minute on mine...i wonder what exactly it is doing...if win95/98/me can disconnect immediately, then why can't XP?


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Exactly, thats my point. What the hell is so different, I mean I know its differently setup, but I see no need for a 1 minute disconnect. Click on the Icon, and click disconnect in there. Notice a huge difference?


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What do I do with that? That looks like the typical task manager... What one do I close out that is my internet connection? Someone suggested that before, after you right click and disconnect, then shut down your internet connection through there, but I never knew what one it was.


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Open the task manager before you sign on & see which entry has been added or do the same with appswat then hit refresh. Just tick the relevant box & kill process - unlike the task manager this doesn't give the program a second chance.

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