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Issue with Windows/MS Update


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I'm in serious need of help with Updates from MS on my laptop.
Whenever I visit Windows Update it doesn't show up with any updates, it only shows that progress bar rolling from left to right in the middle of the page.
Does anyone know what's causing this coz it always happens a few months after I restore the machine and it only happens on my laptop. :(
AutomaticUpdate doesn't seem to work too (as a result of the above problem).
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Anything to do with having the latest version of Windoze update (or not) and the Genuine Advantage thinger? Or are those in place?


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It's happened in Windows pre-SP1, SP1 and SP2. I have no idea where the problem is. Everything on the machine is genuine.


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It won't have an affect on the page, but it should have an affect on the client.

Did you try uninstalling the ActiveX control(s) from Downloaded Porgram Files?

Both Microsoft Update and Windows Update have the same issue? What about Office Update (if you have Office installed)?

Have you checked Group Policy to make sure everything is set to 'not enabled' (if running XP Professional)?


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Yup, same thing on both WU and MSU. Dont have office on laptop.
Haven't touched Group Policy stuff coz I know nothing about those.
What ActiveX do I need to uninstall?


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C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files
Right click MUWebControl Class and choose Remove
Right click WUWebControl Class and choose Remove

Try running MU/WU again and reinstall the ActiveX control.
I have the same problem on a laptop running XP Home.
I've tried all the suggestions given in this thread but it still won't work.
It also does NOT give me the option to reinstall active x.
Any more ideas?
Resurrected this thread again:laugh:
I still can't get the laptop to download Updates even after following the instructions given. I don't get an option to reinstall active x, The green line just carries on moving across the screen for ever and a day. I've also updated to SP2 (with MS disk) and still it won't work.
Any Ideas ?


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