Issue with a 9800pro 256mb


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7 Oct 2004
So last night i'm playing day of defeat, and i notice artifacts. then the screen goes blank, i hard shut down the machine, look inside and reseat all the wires.

turn it back on and all is fine.

btw the machine has been on for a solid week, but just in windows apps and the internet etc.. no games.

so i go into day of defeat again same thing happens after about 5 mins.

At this stage i'm thinking that either the fan isn't giving it enough cooling (running about 6000rpm) or the 3d chip (whatever the expression is) is getting defective, which is why its fine in windows but not in games.

My psu is powerful enough, i haven't noticed anything strange in anything else.

I'm not about to replace the card on an agp board, so it'll be an entirely new comp.

any advice on this... i changed around the psu connector to the card incase one was faulty same issue still.
Had the same problem once, but it turned out that a capacitor had fallen broken off my 9800 when I shipped my computer to Korea. I'm thinking you may have a hardware malfunction at the component level.
thats what i was thinking, clearly is time to start bringing my laptop home, until i build another machine.
can someone explain to me why the intel e6750 is cheaper and faster than the more expensive but slower e6700 on newegg?
The E6700 is more overclockable.

Have you cleaned your card in a while?
Also, Intel is refreshing almost their entire line in January...I know it's about two and a half months away, but I thought I'd let you know anyway.
no on the cleaning i may do all that tonight. hopefully it'll work, i only play dod, so i don't really want to upgrade that box right now.
Well as I am sure you have guessed, from your post, it is either a heat problem or defective chip, but my first guess is that it is overheating. 80% of the time in my experience a filing chip will cause artifacts almost immediatly, where as a heat issue takes about 5-15 mins before the chip overheats. While I don't have a 9800 you might be able to remove the heatsink and reapply termal grease, and reinstall it, might fix your problem. But I will warn you in advance, it takes some carefull muscle to pry the heatsink off the GPU, and allot of time to clean it up in prep.
well very good news, i took my pc apart last night and cleaned out literally a ton of sticky dust, from my cpu and my gpu fans. did everything whilst it was open case fan etc...

No more artifacts, or blank screens, all working very well.

and even better, my fans are supposed to turn off when the system is cool enough. they did that for the first time in a year tonight.

thanks all

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