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17 Feb 2004
Exactly what it says in the title really, I'm after some tech advice.

I'm trying to find a way of getting a 31mb debian netinst ISO image onto a zipdisk so i can boot another boxen to install it.

Standard CD burning software doesnt seem to be cutting it. Any ideas? :confused:
don't you have a burner?
I'd be surpirsed if you actually could install linux from a zipdisk anyway.
nope i dont, i think i'm probly the last person who doesn't. i can't see any reason why not, if the mobo supports booting from zipdisk, just wondered if you could ^_^
use winimage to extract the ISO's contents to the zip disk? as far as getting it to boot, that'd be a bit more interesting, as I'm not sure it could/would read the boot record in the ISO properly. I normally use daemon tools to open ISO's, but that mounts them as a virtual CD ROM drive
cryogenic said:
... far as getting it to boot, that'd be a bit more interesting, ...
I have a Knoppix image that'll boot from any device - pretty sure if bios permit then that could be zip drive .... but the questioj in my mind is - why?
the only reason i wondered was because i didn't want to steal a CD from any of my Cd-Burner owning housemates. Seems it's more difficult than not so i'll get someone else to burn it.

thanks anyway ^_^

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