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3 Dec 2002
i am currently beta testing "WISH" a decent game with potential (as most betas have) to make a dent in the MMORPG world.. but the game is a terrible memory hog and has crashed my system even when not running the game. if you look at my ram, i have a nice gig of pc2700, which by the games standards are excellent. but it just eats it up like no other!

so im In Search of a memory manager that when you close a program, it refreshes the memory to what it actually needs to be running what im activly running.

anybody rec. one? free or pay, makes no difference.

(i would just goto and see what people have to say there, but i trust this community more than 10million people who give 10s out to software they try without trying other similar software)
never heard this issue in xp...are you sure it's not the cpu useage that's crashing the system? haven't lowered your pf ahve you?...if it's not the cou, then this program looks like it has a memory ...don't know what I'd do...if it's shareware, I'll download the program and see if I can't re create your problem

post a link if it's shareware
ah, I just saw that it's a beta...I'm guessing 100% cpu usege...otherwise a memory leak, as it is a beta after all isn't it

I can't test betas of a games I don't play...too risky, sorry I can't ehlp

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