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iso files


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I have downloaded an ISO file. I know that with Winiso I can extract all the content of the iso file into a folder but how do i copy all the content of the iso file to a cd ( directly from the iso file ) not to use winiso and then copy the files.

Best option: Use Nero (www.nero.com) ... it can burn CDs directly from ISOs

Another solution: There is also a standalone ISO burning Powertoy (don't think its made by MS though). xsk8zerox has a copy of it ... Try popping into the chatroom and ask him to post it.
no... he's saying that he downloaded an ISO file so he's already got it on his comp.. legal or not it doesn't matter because he's not looking for an ISO file, he just wants a prog to burn it to cd...

iso copy is a program someone was talking about... from what i understand

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