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hi there i have windows xp (home) on a hp pavilion 7934 the problem is seem to connect fast enough onto internet with isdn (bt home highway) but downloading is not much faster than normal phone line (7.5kbps) at 64k or (13kbps) at 128k is this how it is with bt lines or is it me or xp tried download managers etc but just the same

please help or advise
at 64k and 128k those speeds are about correct...for example

128k=128,000 bits

divide 128,000 by 8 (128,000/8) and you get 16,000 Bytes...which is 16Kbps...

So 16Kbps is the highest you can get on a 128k isdn line...once you add in TCP overhead that accounts for only get 13k..sorry man, thats your max

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