is xp worth it atm ?



Does every all belive that allround XP is the answer im considering going back to win98 for a few months for trouble free gaming what u all think


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12 Jun 2004

Thats really ur choice..if XP is slubby or slow or even worse than any other os u have tried..well then go back 2 Win98 or whatever..

I think XP is the best Os around..



I have heaps of games and i havent had a problem with any of them , they all run excellently

I actually think with the DirectX 8.1 and the improved memory management my games are running the best they have ever run

I have a PC here with 98 on it and I hate using it now im used to XP



Dont get me wrong

I love how XP handles multi tasking, and allround i like the new approach it has.....

but my mouse/mice dont respond correctly in Quake 3
my Sidewinder ff wheel wont work properly

burning a cd takes like gaes now well 5 mins more per 700 meg cd :(

all though burning and printing use a lot less of my pc`s resources on winXP so I can do other stuff without worry...

my I.e 6 close for no reason randomily whilst opening new pages...

its a hard decsion and im backing files up as I type, so I can reformat and install Win98 if it gets me down 2much..I will return to if I do brack track to win98......

later :(


XP is great! Microsoft said that win2k would run faster than xp on machines slower than 800mhz but its a lot faster for me and I only have an old P2 churning at 448 mhz.


i really like xp, much better than win me, don't think i'll change any time soon:D


I think it's great too. Had a few problems with Office 2000, which are now fixed, and am still having video problems with Max Payne, but other than that, it works great! Heck, I think my games run better in XP than they ever did in Win9x. As soon as I get Max Payne to run properly, or finish the game, ME is out, and I'm going to XP only.


wow !!!!!1

Well being a XP site I expected a good response for it !!!

and apart from the compatability probs I have, I have to say that XP rox big times but.....

1.Not being able to use my Wheel is hard mouse going erratic in q3 is even harder

so i had to reformat and put Win98 back for now, and Im going to put XP on me other pc instead and use that for surfing music, dvd etc oh and the odd bit of burning and a little work here and there :p

after saying than does anyone Know how I can remove the Partion from my HDD that XP created instead of the Fat 32 system Ntsc or something its still there and seems to be holding 7 gigs of HDD lol......

thanx for all yer responses im still XPing it up on the old p3 600 upstairs :)

thanx for all the replies see ya soon


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4 Dec 2001
XP runs as well as Win2k did on my system. The games I've tried all run well as before. The themes are kind of "fisher price" looking but you get used to them. XP uses colours brilliantly.
I'm running:
Celeron 533
384MB ram
32MB DDR ATI Radeon
20g Harddrive
Canoscan Scanner
Lexmark Printer

The only tweak program I have installed so far is Tweak UI. Norton Antivirus and Zone Alarm run in the background 24/7 without any problems. I've had uptimes of over 3-4 weeks with it. They'd probably be longer if I didn't constantly mess with installs of drivers and new programs that require reboots.


n1 keep it up

funny as it happens i run win98 like melted butter of a knife :)

its like ages since i crashed , or had a missing windows file or a bsod.......

maybe i should have installed xp on a fresh reinstall of win 98 ??

ill try it over the xmas holiday im audi here later


kr0m, did you have problems installing the latest ATI drivers for your card?

i have the same video card as you, and the new oct. 15 drivers, will not work for me. it says the driver is not compatible with my display adapter.

or are you using the windows xp default drivers (like me) for the Radeon, which doesn't support OpenGL?

Big B

I think MS needs to leave more things optional, but I can't see them doing that in my lifetime.
XP is a bit faster than 2k, but there are some bugs that I don't remember in the betas and RC's. Once Service Pack 1 comes out, we should see problems resolved.

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