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IS this wrong?


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Hey guys as most of you know I work on MacDill AFB, I was working at CENTCOM, until a new directive came out from the Pentagon that pretty much anything I.T. related fall underneath one umbrella, so now I work for DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency)

ANYWAY.. long story short, I am deployed in the middle east (Qatar to be exact) The Amir here is very westernized, and allows importation of pork for westerners although they are limited.

The U.S. government wants to make sure we do not offend anyone of muslim faith, and because we have many people her who are muslim I wanted your take on this:

I goto our PX, and we have NO pork meats, and have been told we won't have anything with pork in it.

THen last week, I discover one of my favorite bad to eat but great tasting snacks of ALL TIME...

Hot N Spicy Fried pork skins... from baken-etz YUUUUUUMMMMMY...

Now I feel guilty (only slightly) because we do not have a rations card for the pork, but I dont think they realize this is actually made from pork skin... the muslims that is...

We have many people who are muslim or grew up in and around the
muslim faith... whats your view?


It's your PX, your money, your appetite, your stomach! The local muslims should not be in the PX anyway and if they are authroized due to some silly "forces agreement" they should be seasoned to what they see!

BTW - I don't like women in black pajamas after Nam either - but I've never chased them out of bed!:smoker:


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I'm with damnyank. We cater to their needs and beliefs when they are here in the US, so screw them. Eat up.

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Ewwwwwwwwww I can't believe anyone actually likes that stuff anyway :speechless: But I agree with the above,eat up
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dont worry, you are not in malaysia wherein they have their slamic police...
eat up.. they wont bother... they will just look away or they might end up tasting it due to temptation...hhehhe joke!

by the way, in the place i grew up we have this beach party and we served "roasted pig or Lechon Baboy" and to our surprise there were muslims on the next cottage..they didnt bother us, and seem to respect...

so... did in that porky skin and save us some okay?
Are they taking great care not to offend you? I doubt it. We have to stop walking on our tiptoes about this and simliar issues. You're eating it and and it isn't as though you're BBQing one GIANT porker right outside a mosque or something, now that would classify as offensive in such an area - but any pork product, bacon strips or whatever you want, go ahead and have them if you want.
310 mg of salt
0 dietary fiber
2.5 gms saturated fat
20 mg of cholesterol
No vitamins!
"not a significant source of protein"

Stop eating them and thank the Muslims for the excuse. Those things will kill you.

Switch to these, much less lethal:

And some food for thought...
What kind of fat do they fry snack food in?
Whatever is cheapest that day, including pork fat. That high saturated fat in snack foods is not coming from "pure mazola vegetable oil".
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Macdill is huge lol....

Eat all you want...pig skin... not my thing but im all for it for you to eat.
I seen them make it before in the plant city area.

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