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is this possible?


My cable modem is acting funny. When i hook up without the router i am fine. But once i hook the router up I get disconnected a lot. Kind of like i am getting packeted. Is it possible to have the modem go directly to me and use ICS to the wireless router?
yea you could do that you just have to tell to share the connection and the use that conneciton as a gateway for other computer


would the wireless still work? and do you have a guide somewhere? I can't search the internet because i get dropped ever 1-2minutes :(
i just leave this up and refresh
Why don't you just plug an ethernet cable from one of the router ports lan to your machine and let the rest pick up the wireless signal?

one guide, fetching more.

wireless setup

ICS setup

For now just plug the cable from the modem into your lan port on the main PC. Then you will need a second network card in the main PC to connect to the router.

You should not be getting those drop outs so there may be a problem with interference from a neighboring wirless setup, cell phones, wireless, home phones (or in the case of a buddy his washing machine...). There are trouble shooting guides in the first link and if signal strength is an issue ggogle for windsurfer antenna (do it yourself project double signal strength).


i am using it directly, but my brother uses the wireless. He is the only reason i got the router :(. It was the whole modem being reset for about 1 week and having to do the reboot cycle, now its just the internet dropping.


I think i might of fixed it another way. The router had a setting to clone my PC's mac address. So i did that and it has had no problems since (5minutes), now its just a new IP i gotta learn.

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