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Is this expensive?



We have a company who are about to implement a SQLServer database for us and their telephone support costs for first or second line are £62.00 per hour. Third line is no charge though as it's for bug fixes, etc.

As this is our first time with this kind of thing I just wondered if anyone knew if this is excessive or is it about normal?

I don't know what that converts to in USD, but I can't imagine that is much more than $100 USD. So, NO. That is not very expensive. Some MS product support can run up into the $200-$300 an hour for support.


Don't just go wow, its expensive.

Consider that these are experts who know what they are doing. They do have other systems they have to maintain. In a perfect world they'd be on the spot. Shame that we live in this world.

Question how much your accountant costs. WOW... thats expensive...we must be being ripped off.

They are professionals. If you consider this price excessive, ask them to justify the cost. They will more than happily explain the reasoning behind the cost. Of course, make sure your enquiry is in a positive tone as you may sound rude if your angrily asking why it costs so much.

An example of how to ask would be. "Wow.. thats a lot for tech support. How come its so much?"

Personally, your getting a reasonable price for a SQL Server tech support line. SQL while it is easy to learn, takes a while to master and efficiently maintain.

As i said, ask them why it costs so much. If you feel their answer is insufficient, tell your boss about it and tell them to take their business elsewhere. simple as that.


Thanks for those replys.

I have had experience of this kind of thing before but that was for specialised s/w on an AS400 and it was more expensive than this. And just thought that with SQL being so much more widespread that it would have been a lot cheaper.

Anyway, info assimilated and an attitude adjustment will be in order before we next meet them courtesy of mbunny.

Thanks guys

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