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Is this even possible?


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I work at a school that provides tablet pc's to all the students. The tablets are locked down stupid tight. Of course there are work arounds and I caught wind of one that has me interested. A student claims that they can boot into Linux (LiveCD I'm guessing) and use it to install unauthorized programs into Windows. I don't think this is possible, hence the title of this post. But since I know very little of Linux I figured I'd ask. Any ideas?


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Sure it is possible, once the Windows hard drive is mounted I can read/write to it all I want, including install Windows applications, hell I can emulate windows using Wine to run the installer to install it to the real Windows installation, then reboot and have it available.

This may not work if the program needs to write stuff to the registry,but generally that can be worked around.


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Personally I disagree with locking down computers. You'd be better re-imaging them overnight.
That's not possible when the tablets have been given to each of the students, which is what it sounds like.

Ways to get around stupid restrictions has always been a fun passed time for students in general.

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