is this a good enough web setup?

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8 Apr 2003
freebsd 7.0 x64 - lighttpd - pgsql - php-cgi (fastcgi) - eaccelerator ?

will also be a storage pc, after all the messing about and linux distros i have tried, it was down to slackware or freebsd, and seeing as an update on slack this morn seems to have ballsed up the test site i had installed (this never happened on bsd) i have decided to use the above
It's been my experiance that if I worked out what I would pay myself to administrate a box vs the cheap shared hosting services out there, I just go with the shared hosting.

I have found most open-source web software use MySQL vs pgSQL, so you might want to install that as well. I also use apache vs lighttpd. I'm actually not familar with lightpd or pgSQL personally and how well they respond to high web traffic.
they respond very well actually :p - lighttpd is used by google to host its videos and such, most of the webscripts i will be using do support pgsql, but favour mysql more, but pgsql scales better from what i have been told
now i wondering if x64 is overkill for home web/storage :/
so if i have 3gb your saying i should use 32bit?
So you have an old 32bit machine you are thinking of using instead?

I would be interested in knowing more about why 3GB should use a 32bit machine?

I understand that f you have more then 4GB of memory you need a 64bit processor because 32 bit processors (in gerneral) have a 4GB limit on their expandablity, and even at that I think a single app can only access 2GB of it max.

Personally, I would never consider a 64bit process overkill, though not all applications take fully advantage of what 64bit has to offer.

I use 64bit Ubuntu, and have found I have to recompile most programs under my architecture because there are not many 64bit binaries already build. Of course, I can still run the 32bit but I have to play with a lot of other libraries and stuff.

My 2 cents for what's it's worth anyway.
its an amd64 x2 - it came with 1gb ram when i bought it - i needed a cheep pc for watching hi-def and x264 rips, i then got vista and 1gb wasn't enough, i couldn't afford to get 4gb in total and seeing as there were 2 512meg sticks in there already and managing to find 2gb cheap somewhere i went for that. (being unemployed and ill has draw backs)

Lord i thought in another thread you said to use x64 if you had more that 2gb of ram in a pc - or was that just if your using windows ?

Now which is best to get as some say -RELEASE others are say -STABLE, although i have been told that although it might have stable in the name it doesn't mean that it is
just windows :)


use freebsd-update if you don't need fancy custom kernels

portsnap for ports.
one last question - errata - a lot of them are saying you have to patch a file and then rebuild world, wouldn't freebsd-update or portupdate do the same thing ?
freebsd-update is binary patching, so patch and reboot. portupgrade is for port upgrades.
i'll take that as a yes to portupgrade being good enough to update the effected port/package, as im going to update most of the packages that get installed by installer anyway.

Thanks M
If it works, it's good enough. Unless you are hosting digg or something.

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