Is there such a thing as Performance defrag?


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Hi Guys,

Is there such a thing/way that I could customize my HD defrag so that I could see a comfirming improvment in gaming? Right now, when I purchase a new game, I always install it right off the C:\ directory, instead of C:\Program Files\ directory. I also eliminate the extra folders created when installing game (EG: C:\Program Files\Cyan\Ubisoft\Myst4). Could I take it a step further by custom placing the directory in a certain part of the HD through custom defrag? Or does XP do a good job of placing it in the right spot on the HD based on how many times I access the parent directory of the game? I do know that gaming is CPU/GPU intensive, but if it needs a file right away, it doesn't have to go far to look for it.

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I don't think it's so much to do with defrag. But it's always best to defrag files to keep performance up to standards.
Not sure if moving the game out on to a separate drive will help or not since it'll be far away from the system files, but I'm planning to move my games on to a 2nd HD when I build my new rig.


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Perfect disk offers aggressive free space consolidation, which claims to reduce fragmentation of files. Like Diskeeper, you can set schedules for defragging and also choose which particular drives/partitions you want to be defragged in the schedule.

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if you want to put the game and apps in the most efficient partition for performance, that would be the partition that has the not put the pagefile on a differant partition either...evreything that gets accessed often on the same drive as the os

if you have multiple, discs, toss everything I just said out

then keeep that partition relative for easy defrag, and room to add apps as you need them

then put that partition, (which will be your most accessed partition), towards but not at the front of the ...about ten percent in

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