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is there any way...?


Can you handle this?
When I save a picture from a website, the folder it defaults to is "my pictures". Is there a way I can default it to go to my desktop? This is annoying...


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what u mean, to save a picture from a website you right click and save as, that lets you save it too where you want!


Can you handle this?
i know, but the folder it defaults to is 'my pictures' if you dont choose where you want it. i dont want to have to search for where i want it, i just want to right click, name the picture and hit save and have it be on my desktop... no in between steps.
Yes. There is a variable in the registry that says where to send the file. Edit it to point whereever you want.

BUT playing in the registry is dangerous. Make a back up first.

Using start-run-regedit FIND the following key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders

under it is a list of all the default places windows dumps stuff for your user id.

One of them is My Pictures. Double click the icon for that one and a window pops up. Change the directory name in the window from

%USERPROFILE%\My Documents\My Pictures



All done. Close window and exit regedit.

PS Don't look around in the registry too much. You will find out that everything you've said, done or thought since your last windows install is recorded there for any geek who can access your machine to dig out.


On the left side of the open/save dialog there is the so called Places Bar. One of the default buttons is named Desktop. So it is just one click you save. IE remembers the folder during the session. So it is just one click for the first picture you save. Don't think this justifies too much of tweaking.
Leejend have you tried this yourself? Pointing two special folders to the same location can have unexpected results.
Yes. I made the mod, ran it on my PC, rebooted checked it again and then did the post.

I never post a recommendation unless I try it myself or specify it is untested. Life's too short (and Windows too vulnerable) to pick up an on line stalker looking for vengeance...


Can you handle this?
When I'm doing this (with the saving the pictures), I have a ton of windows open of all of these different programs. And, if you do drag the picture to the desktop, it brings the whole webpage with it. I only want the picture. Not the whole page. I did what they told me to do above, and I beleive I got it working...

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