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Is there a way I can find out my CD-Drive maker and know the make and model?



I bought a HP Pavilion 7935 last september, and have really slow CD-Drive speed. I was wondering if i could download some new drivers to resolve this issue. Is there some kind of program that will allow me to see the information? Right now, Window XP lists my CD-drive as " IDE-CD R/RW 8x4x32".


well, it says hp cd-writer as a label where the CD open button is... but that dosn't help by telling me which model and stuff....


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Try this Link:
COPY AND PASTE into your Browser Just change the ; into : because the link is not working as it was posted.
It's an HP Business Customer Discussion Group. It's discussing the CD-R/W on Pavilion 7935.


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The pasting of that link does not seem to be working... Soooooooo, here is what was on that Page (check out the Link in red):

CD-R/W on Pavilion 7935

business customer discussion groups > desktops and workstations > home PCs - pavilion > CD-R/W on Pavilion 7935

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author subject: CD-R/W on Pavilion 7935

John B
December 20, 2001 22:26 PM GMT
The CD-R/W on my Pavilion 7935 shows up in control panel as a Philips CDD4581. I can find no references to this part number (or HP's part number) on either HP's or Philips web sites. I am trying to obtain drivers and mastering software for this drive and nothing I've found seems to work. Does anybody know what this things is and where I can get drivers for Win2K or Windows XP?
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December 20, 2001 22:42 PM GMT [ unassigned ]

x man
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December 21, 2001 00:41 AM GMT [ unassigned ]

Hi John, your 7935 is pre-loaded with XP as you know, the CD-Writer should be working along with the pre-installed HP-RecordNow software. If you ran into some problem could you not do a non-destructive System Recovery specifically for the CD-Writer drivers and software? Here's a link showing how: http://www.hp.com/cposupport/personal_computing/support_doc/bph07512.html

The drivers update page for you machine indicate a Samsung CD-R/W
Here's the link: http://www.hp.com/cgi-bin/cposupport/swindex.pl?p=hppavilion62755&l=en&c=MicrosoftWindowsXP
You may have to open up the case to see which drive you have. It would be odd to have a Samsung that the computer recognizes as a Philips but stranger things have happened.

Here's a link regarding identifying the CD-R/W: http://www.hp.com/cposupport/personal_computing/support_doc/bph06196.html

December 21, 2001 06:46 AM GMT [ unassigned ]
John, I have the same problem. I am not impressed with my CD-Writer and Customer Support.

The CD-Writer says it is a Phillips model and I have had trouble with it. When I called Customer Service they said I had a Samsung CD-Writer on my machine. When I explained that I didn't, they blew me off.

It's funny--apparently HP thinks that Samsung is spelled "P-H-I-L-L-I-P-S".

I'd like the problem to be rectified without an avalanche of high-tech explanation. I dropped a grand on this machine and I expect it to be in working order.

John B
December 21, 2001 19:16 PM GMT [ N/A: Question Author ]
While the HP site says that my Pavilion should have a Samsung drive, the fact is that it does not. I tried the Samsung firmware update, and I get an error reporting that there is no Samsung drive installed. Both Win2K and XP report the drive as a Philips CDD4851. I really don't want to have to open the box and rip it apart to verify that it is, in fact, a Philips drive. I'll return the PC and buy a Dell before I do that.

December 21, 2001 19:27 PM GMT [ unassigned ]
Yep, I tried installing the Samsung firmware update and XP responded that my CD-Writer was Philips and not Samsung.

Any suggestions, HP? I'd rather not try a "non-destructive system recovery" without recovery CDs. I am not a computer scientist and I would like to know what I should do with plain english instructions.

My serial is MX144A0680. Product # P5267A-ABA. Service ID # 112-701.

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