Is there a free Irc that really works somewhere?

I am a Mac OS-X 10.2.3 user. I'm looking for a normal Irc client. A free one, too. I use JediKnight for Irc.
But the thing just doesn't have a "Resume" option going with file transfering. A lot of Irc clients don't have that simple option. (Why?...)

Another problem: I have downloaded many clients... Aqua, Colloquy, Conversation, X-Chat, etc. They just won't open! Why? What is happening?
Can anyone tell me?

All I want is to share files with people! Help!

Thank you, KA.
Thank you!

Hey, thanx for the quick replies!

Unfortunately, nothing worked. I tried Babbel, but it crashed without a warning. It is now having a rest in my bin.
I tried X-Chat again—the Superhero of Irc clients, apparently—and once again it would not open. I must be cursed.

Also, JediKnight, the one I'm using, won't send files.

I'll go have my computer repaired.
Thanks again, KA.


I may actually be insane.
X-Chat Aqua never gave me any troubles on Jaguar. There was an issue with an older version that made it crash on start-up until you changed your login password (bizarre, but true) so perhaps you could give that a try.

May I ask why you're using 10.2.3 ? The upgrade to 10.2.8 is free and can be done via Software update.
Good point, Speedy...

Yes, why not update? Err... 'cause I didn't know. Eheh... I heard somewhere ignorance was bliss, so I didn't learn anything... Maybe they were wrong. I'll try the update for sure.

About X-Chat, I don't have any password, since I can't open the thing for a start. Or did I miss something? I'll check the website again. What I do is download the X-Chat, Stuffit does its job, then I click on the X-Chat icon... and nothing happens. When I check the Log section of the computer (I think it's called Log...), it says X-Chat crashed.

Guys, I insist on thanking you. I really appreciate your concern.
I appear quite out of touch (KillaBunny, I don't understand a word of what you're talking about), but I'm trying hard to understand what's going on. Your answers help a lot.

Thanx, KA.


I may actually be insane.
[Killa_Bunny] was talking about opening a terminal (command line) and launching the app from there.

With regards to the password thing, I meant your actual OSX password. You should have one which you set upon first setting up your mac. I had a problem with X-Chat Aqua crashing at start-up, and had to change my OSX password for it to work.. a very odd bug indeed.

Oh, and just for reference, as you're on 10.2, the latest XC-Aqua won't work, you'll need to install an older version, which you can get from here:, you'll also probably need to move it to your hard drive before running it.
Almost made it

My Computer is a joke. I downloaded the older version of X-Aqua and this time it was about to open… but "unexpectedly quit". What fun.

Concerning the password, we don't have one. Really. Should we?
The comp is second-hand one. The guy who re-set it up for us just didn't enter any, didn't ask even.

Do you know if X-Aqua has a Resume option for the sending and receiving files? That's damn useful. mIrc has it. Ircle too, but that's $US20 a year. It's cheap, but you know... Also I'm in Australia.

Thanx again…


I may actually be insane.
Yes XC-Aqua has resume.

Have you got all the latest updates from Software Update? There have been quite a few since 10.2.3

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