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is the maxtor drive dead?


Blame me for the RAZR's
Damnit seems like everything i own wants to give me a problem or two...

ok i picked up a brand new 60 gig hardrive. (for free ,a gift for building another comp) and for some reason. When i put it into computers they just dont boot or even get past posting. Tried diffrent jumper settings. But it just seems comps are spitting at it.
My question is this a charactirstic of a band drive?

Its a Maxtor... (i hate maxtor had 2 die on me)

7200 RMP 8 meg catch 60 gig maxtor.


Remove the jumper, put it on the IDE cable by itself, then try again. A lot of the newer drives have a slightly different jumper configuration. Older computers do not recognize it and thus, just hang.


Blame me for the RAZR's
ug i have had 2 die.... WD all the way for me.... one of the comps i tried it on was by no means old. but i will keep playing with it.. 60 more gigs yah!
Pull all jumpers off the drive
Disconnect all other IDE devices from the computer
Put the Maxtor on IDE 1 on the last connector.
Set bios to boot from floppy
Put the Maxtor diagnostics floppy in the computer.
Boot and run diagnostics.

If the drive did not come with a diagnostics floppy check the Maxtor website. If they don't have a bootable diagnostics floppy for download quit buying Maxtor.


Blame me for the RAZR's
thanks leejend .. try it out but done most of that. and i didnt buy it. it was given to me. i woudnt waste my money on 1. a maxtor and 2 60 gig.. shop around anymore get a 120 for same price. :)

and for the os question. one had none, one did both time the mobo didnt post. im at work now will dink with it tonight.... got to love step shows and running audio for stupid people....
ok, sraycoz, what you said about the os kinda confused me. The hard drive that does not POST or anything, Did you have it hooked up by itself, and was there an OS on it already or were you trying to install one?
I've had 4 western digital drives die on me, had 3 Quantum Fireball drives die, 2 Seagate drives die, and have never had a single problem with any of the maxtor drives give me any problems. However my drive of choice right now is the WD 120GB "Special Edition" 8MB cache drives.


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I've only had one WD drive die on me, and it was a refurbished drive that someone gave me. Thankfully, a hard drive recovery application easily recovered all the data. If a drive makes abnormal clicking noises, you should figure out that your drive is about to die!

I replaced that drive with a WD 200 GB SE drive, and I'm very pleased with it. My system drive is a WD 40 GB drive that is about five years old now (even I can't believe it is that old!), and it still seems to be going strong. One of these days, I'll end up replacing it with a WD 250 GB SE drive. ;)



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If worse comes to worse. Stick it in a machine that has a HDD already in it. Set the Maxtor as a slave on the primary cable (the one that has the OS HDD on it). Make sure that no other drives are installed. Boot and see if the OS will read the HDD (the Maxtor). If not there may be something wrong with it. If it does read it format it then, wipe it's a$$ clean. Then stick it back into the Machine you intended it for.

And of course the old school method... Boot from a 98SE boot disk and FDISK the damn thing.

Also, see if any of these help... Use the secret undocumented switch /newmbr to force FDISK to write a new master boot record to the harddisk. This is kinda like the switch /mbr of the DOS FDISK command.

I use two Maxtor HDD and never had problems plus I have Western Digitals in two other machines also no probs... now on the other hand, IBM Deskstars.
More like Death Stars, 2 dead in 1 year.

Now I remember the old Conner HDD, they were bulletproof. Then Seagate bought them out, the rest is history.

Good Luck.
go to the maxtor site, search out powermax to test the drive, if its dead check the warranty on it ;) if its older than 6 months it will carry the 3 year warranty, only costs a fiver to ship it back and get a new drive then :)

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