Is Russia learning from the US right now?



Russia went to war against Bin Laden via Afghanistan and failed miserably and now the US has gone over ther and pretty much mopped em up within two months. I wonder how Russia views the US after this acomplishment? Granit we're not even breaking the surface as to what is to come but so far I beleive that Bush has went about the 9-11 tragety in the right fashion..

What are your thoughts..
alecstaar... you have too much time on your hands
if i knew you did... i could have told you to write me essays too :p
Little known fact: Osama Bin Laden was empowered by us. When the Russians were our enemy, we sent arms and cash to Bin Laden and his thugs, and trained them in "how to be a terrorist".

Now they've used it against us, big surprise. If ya didn't see _something_ coming then you're blind.

As for Russia taking note... I doubt it, my friend. They ravaged that country. What was left was picked over by the Taliban, there isn't much happening there - there isn't much to pick on! If it was as easy as bombing, bombing, bombing and marching in, the Russians would have done it. They are not dumb.
I'm part russian and my dad served in Afghanistan during the Soviet war.

I wouldn't say that US has more luck than USSR back in 80's. Technology was not as advanced back than. Most operations had to be done on land. My dad was compiling maps from data gathered by his plane and crew. There were no recent maps, since Afghanistan was in economical despair back then as well.

They did not have much luck there, since US funded a lot of anti-soviet operations and now it is interesting to see that Russia is actually trying to cooperate with US. Today, US has amazing technology on hands. Sattelite targeting, global intelligence, support of NATO and UN, etc.

For me, as somebody part-russian, there's nothing to envy or hate US for. War is terrible, no matter who provokes it and I don't want any country to compete in destroing another nation.

P.S. What's wrng with russian structure today? Corruption. Only children of people who stole something during the last decade can live and enjoy their lives fully. The rest are working hard, but don't get much from today's economy.

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