Is Quad SLI Possible Yet?

26 Feb 2007
is this possible now?

i remember reading somewhere that 2 dualcore sli cards cant work yet


can anyone tell me a good way to load balance or tweak my 7800gtxoc cards from bfg
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you can use two 7950gx2 for quad sli... they don't have dualcore chips though, just dual gpu on each card

what do you mean by tweak? overclock? ... if that, the most common options are coolbits, riva tuner and ati tool (despite it's name, atitool also works on nvidia cards)
Hit the Nvidia site. They have a section on tweaking SLI to get the most out of it. Different methods for different games.

Remember that not all games utilize SLI well so results will vary from as low as 5% to about 50% FPS increase.
i thought that newer platform using the amd fx74 ...the mobo has 4 pci-e slots and 2 cpu slots ... the fx74 is half of a quad cord processing scheme ... so you must use 2 ..and again to my knowlege ..this setup utilizes 4 video cards.
Crossfiring 2 Dual Cards has been done just like the Nvidia using 2 dual cards but I can't find anything on a using 4 single board. That requires at least 2 PCI-e controllers to get 4 x16 slots. Other wise even using 4 x8 slots requires 2 PCI-e controllers. And nobody has mentioned how you would connect the 4 cards. The SLI and Crossfire bridges only support 2 cards.

Though I think I saw Alienware had a quad system with limited quantities. Can't remember if it used dual cards or not.

The pseudo quad systems (cards with dual GPU) do not use the fastest GPU clock speeds either. They have heat and pwoer issues on the cards.

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