Is my PSU at fault???



hey, for the past month or so, my computer just shuts off usually after it comes out of sleep mode and the HDD starts revin up. It shuts off and then the green light infront of my computer just blinks until i restart the computer.

After being frustrated from this i opened up my computer i hopes it was just a loose wire. i close it up and my comp turns on then just turns off right away almost seconds after. after trying again and again to start it, it would occasionally get moving, when i hit the logon screen for xp is shuts off again with the green flashing light. so thinking it was XP i format my system drive, i format it, then when it tries to install xp it again shuts off and goes to the green flashing lights.

SOOO....i narrowed the problem down to the PSU...however i really am not sure if that IS the problem. i have a 250w (i think since it's model: LC-250ATX).

right now i'm ready to pick up a new PSU tomorrow.
If anyone can help me and tell me if i'm right or wrong it would be greatly appreciated before i go buy this thing.



Whether your right or wrong. A new PSU isn't going to hurt you in the long run.

I recommend an Antec TruePower PSU. TrueBlue if you REALLY need the LED but seriously people... its pointing into the back wall :/

Could be motherboard problem (hairline crack that just hasn't really been a problem till now).

Just get a new PSU and u'll find out =P

get at least 350Watts
Could be the PSU. Could be a BIOS setting. Could be the CPU fan rev counter. Could be the temp sensors. Could be anything.

If you can get into BIOS turn off any auto-shutoff due to temps or CPU fan fail. !!!WARNING!!! Make sure the fan and heatsink are working the way they should first!

Gus K

NTFS abuser
I agree with Mbunny, start with a new PS. A large decent PS goes a long way to establishing peace of mind. Then go on to other things if the problem persists.

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