is my motherboard dead?


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my friends computer just one day randomally died.
u hit the power button NO Beeps at all.. it dont post... no video.... the cpu an case fans spin thats all... Is that anyway to tell weather the CPU or hte MB is bad without swapping out parts cause i have no other parts to swap out.. its an xp 2200+ and a ga-7vrx MB its not grounding out i already tried running the comp out of the case... any suggestions??

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I'd say your cpu is dead just because the very same thing happened to my XP 2600+, but luckily I received a brand new one (even a Barton one !) thanks to RMA ;)

I may be wrong, but that's what happened to me...


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well its my friends computer

the CPU was OEM so there is no warrenty anymore :(

but a dead cpu will cause this problem
so will a dead mother board i dont want to guess which is broken
is there anyway to difinitivelly tell which component is bad

Howling Wolf

We did not deserve this !
Remove the RAM, press the power on button, if you hear bips that's most probably because your motherboard is healthy and is telling you that you removed the RAM ;)

Oem CPU ? It's 1 year warranty, no ? Mine was an oem and was replaced... Is you friend's CPU more than 1 year old ? If that's the case, I'm sorry for him :(

But test the motherboard as I said ;)
No offence taken, but you don't know how many people I've seen that never bother to connect the case speaker. And some newer off the shelf PC's don't have the speaker connected (Sony's)

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